Sep 20 4 Comments

I got a blog

So I finally figured out how to set up a blog site. I am really dizzy now because there were so many decisions to make. You should visit my blog every day just to see how I am doing. Most likely you will find changes all the time until I settle for something I am happy with. The color scheme, the titles on the side bars, what to call my blog. I had no idea I would have to think about all that. Anyway. I think that this is going to work if I just persist.

Today I am working on a pre school curriculum for Norwegian kids. Many pre-schools want to support Partners and I want to help them make it possible. I better go back to that.


  • Val says:

    Oddny, if there is one person’s blog in the whole, wide world I will read, it will be yours. You have the writing skills of a famous author, sense of humor of a comedian and the modesty to compare yourself to a dog. It’s a winning combo.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      He, he. Yes, I do compare myself to a dog a lot actually. Very flattering to hear from you though. Remember, you edit my stuff. I posted another thing today. About Sokrates. Oddny, dog, Sokrates. What do we have in common?

  • June ^^ says:

    Awesome 😀
    It really seems cool. I’m excited to see how you’re going <3

  • Maureen Beighey says:

    I think I will meditate on the whole striving thing. I like that topic. I also love dogs and can’t wait to see which one my son is picking out for our house! Probably a lab. Labs love everyone and that’s the way I hope I can be.