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Go to the water source

My friend

One of my Karen Friends doing her laundry

The water source. Getting drinking water from the stream.

I have been relatively stressed this morning. Well…Relative…Hmm, that would be an understatement. Tomorrow I will go to the US to speak about Partners, Burma, the people I have met and other stuff that I think matter. I will do a ladies’ retreat and I am interested to hear what I am going to say.

So there are all these loose ends to tie up before leaving—laundry, paying bills, making sure there is food in the house.

I got up early to have a quiet time with God and to calm my soul down so that I can see straight and hear the right things. I was fairly unsuccessful actually. I kept glancing at my computer instead. But the book I was reading caught my attention. The writer talked about staying close to the water source. She compared it to getting water from a well close to one’s house instead of trusting the city water pipes.

This got me thinking about the Karen homes and villages I have visited in Burma. The main thing to look for when you build a village is that there must be a water source, a river or a creek, a small pond will do. No water, no life. It is by the water source that life is happening in the village. Here the villagers get their drinking water, water for cooking and cleaning. It is here they take their baths and do the laundry. The water makes it possible to grow food.

I love to sit by the river or creek in the village watching life happen. It is so simple and peaceful and it makes me long for more of that peace in my heart.

This morning I realized that I need to go to the water source, which would be God in my case, to get the water for my soul there. I am thirsty and my laundry is dirty and I need to stop by the River of Life first. Then, after that, I can tackle the dirty socks and towels my kids have left on the floor.

I will let you know how it went, with the packing and all. I need to finish the teaching outline too. But first: I will go and get some water.


  • Gena Barney says:

    Hello Odny, Thanks for the parable, love that. I cannot wait to get to know you. I am so glad you are going to be spending time in Colorado with Lynn, our cousin. You two have really connected. Just talked with Maureen yesterday and she was so excited to spend time with you. We will be praying for you both. Blesings
    Gena Barney

    • Luana says:

      I love reading your blog Oddny. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this way.

      • oddnygumaer says:

        Thanks, Luana. Glad you read it. Thanks for the idea about Google too. I will look into the Google ads too. Maybe in a while when I have more posts. Oddny

  • Lynnie says:

    this is a great way to give us your insight daughter. i am very proud of your life. I wished that you would come see us soon. I hope that you have good traveling mercies.
    My nieces cancer was down graded to stage 3 mellanome…….Hummmmmmmmmm is that our God or what?
    As I was driving my crazy old car home through harrowing traffic i thought about how many, many, miracles that God has done for my family. You, Steve and my granddaughters are the living proof of my rich heritage. Loved your words about socrates. there is so much to glean from those that have come before us. Eric has such a well rounded knowledge of the masters of thought that I am beginning to see that to listen to the wisdom that we glean from many sources is a really wonderful thing. You got to get a Kindle. i am searching for a way for you all. I love it. I can arry hundreds of books around at one time and it is really so easy to put in my purse. i am reading freedom at the moment and I am intersted ina book that Mark farmen mentioned in his post. I am book crazy and knitting like a nut case!!!!!! I love you all so,Mom-Lynnie, Mikey and Eric too. Oh and don’t forget my doggie Sienna.XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXX Grama will be here on the 5th of October.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Yeah, the Kindle looks like a fun toy! I am reading a lot these days too. And, you are right, we have experienced a lot of miracles and have lot to be thankful for.