Sep 25 3 Comments

Sea shells in Colorado

Today I was reading in a book that my great friend and hero, Lynn, gave me. Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. She was talking about the beauty of shells and the fact that a deserted shell once was the home of a snail or a hermit crab. The house is beautiful in it’s simplicity.Then she compared it to her own home, so cluttered and busy, overflowing with business and worries, and also with commitments and tasks that are unavoidable.

I have thought about that as well. How many of us long for a life so simple that we can carry it on our back the way a snail can carry it’s home. But at the same time as we want that we keep filling our lives with more and more clutter so that we will need many trucks to carry all our stuff.

Made me think of my dear friend from Burma, Doh Say, who carries everything he owns in his backpack. “I have everything I need,” he says, and ties his toothbrush to his pack using a plastic string. He is one of the most contented people I know, and he doesn’t even own an iPad.

I have had a good day meeting with great people who want their lives to matter and who wants to get rid of clutter in their lives today. I went to Gaiam,( a great company that has done a lot to support Partners and the people of Burma and I am pretty impressed with people with such influence and potentials who want to use what they got to make this world better. They are the kind of people that will make my shell lighter and more beautiful.

Funny that I am in Colorado, a state with no sea whatsoever thinking about sea shells.