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Rainy day reflection

Coming home to my kids and my family I am where I belong. They want to tell me all about the last two weeks and are not just a little excited about the goodies mommy brought back from America. We had a fashion show and there were lots of cheers for ziplock baggies of Luna bars and fruit leather. Today they were very well dressed and had the best snacks for their school lunches. Steve keeps repeating: “I am so glad you are home. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.” I think: I like this. I will be gone again! He also said: “You lost some of your arm muscles. You need to lift some more weights.” Some people would find this very offensive. I just thought that I am happy to have my own personal coach.

Naomi in new clothes

Me updating my blog

Then, unfortunately, there is laundry. What a dive! From being the traveling super-star speaker with a Gold card to…doing dirty laundry.

God means to keep me humble, faithful, diligent and thankful in all circumstances. The dirty laundry is part of the training, I guess. Add to that that I got a cold that is so bad that I am tempted to call it a Man-cold. It makes me lay in bed all day instead.

New hat. New teeth.


It’s raining too.

But I am loved, and my man thinks I am the best thing that happened to him and my girls missed me and we have lots of yummy snacks, good book and a new board game. I think I am in good shape.

Then I got an email with pictures of the Shan man that Steve helped train who got shot and killed by the Burma army two weeks ago. I had heard that he was killed, but seeing his smiling face of the pictures made it so much closer and more real. Dirty laundry, Oddny? A cold? A man just gave his life to help and serve and I hang up in issues so small they are not even issues. I have thought a lot about that this morning.

You can read about him here: http://www.freeburmarangers.org/Reports/2010/20100929.html