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Fruit twists make happy

Today we went hiking. There was a lot of unkind words said before we actually got out of the house. But then, when we started walking it was all glory among gold-leafed birches and moss dressed in royal red. The mountain was welcoming us with quiet and blueberries almost too ripe to eat. The air was crisp and we needed gloves. On the top of the world we found our resting spot and the excitement was electric. Mom was going to share the American snack. And, America did not disappoint. It was a treat made for hikers such as us: Chocolate covered cherries, you guys! Red chocolate with brown chocolate inside. And then, the wonderful cherry as a surprise we knew would be coming. We got four each and it was joyous. Then there were the fruit twists. Who had ever seen or heard of them? Organic fruits pureed and sweetened with natural stuff. Then dried and twisted into…twisted stuff. It was so good we had to laugh. It was so good daddy stole the bag and put it in his pocket on the way down the mountain. He studied the ingredients and marveled over and over again at the goodness of this good snack that was too good to be real.

It was a great hike and a great snack. Tonight we will dream of chocolate covered cherries and fruit twists in a world much like the world of Willy Wonka’s, except that in this world we won’t have to put up with Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde, just a slightly disobedient and not very bright dog named Bob Marley and a very intriguing man named Steve.


See how happy the fruit twists made Steve!



  • stevegumaer says:

    Thing is, the twists didn’t have sugar but they tasted amazing. Sometimes you don’t have to share!

  • Dorothy says:

    Hi Oddny,

    I really look forward to each new blog as they come into my mail box. I feel like I am right there with you, Steve, and the girls enjoying all the goodies….especially the fruit twists. It is definitely not cool here and if we go for a hike in the mountains we would be attacked by mosquitoes and sweat a lot, so I imagine myself hiking in Norway, enjoying the fresh air and the company of the Gumaer family and I enjoy the moment. Thank You!


    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thank you Dorothy. So glad you read it. I am enjoying writing it. It’s kind of my little treat! We are praying a lot for you and Marv. Wish you could hear the girls’ prayers.

    • Barbara says:


      I do not know you personally, only through what I have read on the Partner’s blog. You and Marv are in my thoughts and prayers. Many blessings.


  • Susan Herrera says:

    Oddny, I love all your blogs but I think this one is my favorite!