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I became the paralyzed man :(

Today has been a pretty good day for me. I have talked about Partners and Burma to my heart’s content. So much that I am feeling a little tired of my own voice. Imagine that!

This morning I got up early before the rest of the family rose. Like a Proverbs 31 woman I was up before dawn preparing breakfast for my family (cereal and milk), and then I had my quiet time. I wanted to reflect, think and pray. I thought that perhaps at such an early hour God would speak to me.

The Scripture my devotion lead me to was Mark 2:1-12. It is the story about the four friends who lower the paralyzed man down through the roof and place him right before the feet of Jesus, making it impossible for Jesus to ignore them. Such guts those guys had, and what imagination! Recently I read the exact same Scripture for my devotion and as I closed my eyes and asked what it may mean, I felt Jesus say: “I need you to help.” I thought that was a cool thing to hear. It made me feel needed and called by Jesus. In that room, all those thousands of years ago, I could have been one of the people that moved stuff away for Jesus to have time to heal and preach. I could even have been one of the ones serving food to everybody. I could possibly have been the one standing next to Jesus holding his notes. The best scenario would have been that I was one of the four guys lowering the paralyzed man down through the roof. A very meaningful position.

Today, as I read the passage again, I heard something entirely different: “You are the paralyzed man who needs the help of the four friends.” What a shocking thing to realize for somebody as capable as myself! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was true. I am in need of people around me that can lower me down (a pretty stressful job) and put me before the feet of Jesus for me to get fixed by him. I cannot get there by myself, but I need the brothers and sisters around me to get me there. And I am pretty sure that that is the intention God had all along. We are not supposed to lower ourselves down, but we are supposed to depend on others. In that comes real humility, but also the true blessing of belonging to a fellowship.

It is the way it is supposed to be. We all take turns being the paralyzed person on the mat, or one of the helpers. But I am pretty sure that we all need time on the mat first, and then we can get up, ready to serve and help.

Wonder what devotion is awaiting tomorrow morning. Hopefully nothing about fasting…

Why would anyone think I need help? I am in control. 100%.


  • stevegumaer says:

    You married the paralyzed man!

  • Laurie Murphy says:

    Oddny…..I love the photo…..Blessings!! (Laurie Thomsett Murphy)

  • Melissa Lovett says:

    Good word Oddny. I am so the paralyzed woman. I desperately need to be at the feet of Jesus!

  • Barbara says:

    Oddny, You are lovely! Really!

  • lynnie says:

    This I can relate to. I have a scripture that I ALWAYS say like a crazy person, “I know whom I have believed in, and I know that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him until that day.” That is always my prayer for my children. Sometimes I cry it, sometimes I whisper it, the other day as I was driving my car over the Oakland maze(the worst road in my world), for the third time in a week to see my niece that has cancer, I was singing it with my old Mom and sick sister in the seats beside me. I was singing Lord please keep my children I have always commited them to you. You are my daughter and although I am only a mother in law my prayer is always that you are the one I can commit with my sons to make sure God is taking care of you. He does, I would help lift you down so Jesus could lift you up.
    My imperfections do not seem to mean that I do not need Jesus as much as all of us, it means that we need Him desperately. I do, you do,the whole world does. You are the expression of love Oddny, God loves to lift you up.

  • Val says:

    Hi Oddny! Over the past three years I have occasionally considered an analogy with a similar meaning though it is much less eloquent and spiritual. There’s a giant community fishbowl that is full of favors. The favors can be represented by anything but I like to think of them as gumballs. The fishbowl is available to everyone. If you need a favor you take out a gumball. If you can help someone you throw a gumball in. I have humbly and gratefully taken out more than my share. Luckily, it is always beautifully full because there are so many good people around. I’m the paralyzed man who owes that fishbowl a lot of gumballs.

    By the way, I hope you don’t think, given my reticence, that I have not been faithfully reading your blog. I read every single post!

  • oddnygumaer says:

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    Hi there. I am on vacation. So I thought I would spend the summer reblogging some of my blogs from the past. Hope you like it.

  • Dorothy Kahn says:

    Hi Oddny, I find it interesting that you wrote this blog during Marv’s final weeks. It applied then and it applies now. Thank you! Enjoy your vacation. Love, Dorothy

  • Rick says:

    I Love this picture!!!