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The doll maker taking action


This is the kind of person Julie has helped


Every couple of weeks I get a phone call from Julie. I have never met her face to face, but she read about us in the newspaper and she liked what she read. Then, her favorite Norwegian country singer said he liked us, and that kind of did it for her. If he liked Partners, then we had to be good. So she calls me just to chat about this and that and to let me know when she has given her donation to Partners. Yesterday we talked about how she has been trying to get in shape by going for walks and eating more greens. She has lost a lot of weight just by doing this. We talked about the cold winter ahead too and wondered what’s up with all this cold. It’s supposed to get warmer in the world, not colder. Some times we talk about her grown kids and about her favorite hobby: Making Christmas dolls. She is going to give me one and I can either sell it to raise money for Partners or I can keep it if I want to do that.

I wish there were more people like Julie around. Honest, hard working—the kind of person who reads about a good cause in the newspaper and has the guts to call the person in charge and say: “I like what you are doing. How can I support your work?” When I was a little slow to send her and information packet she called me again and said: “Have you forgotten me? I want to help your organization.”

One thing I am good at is thinking about good things I could do and then I don’t do them. I conveniently forget, I slyly get busy, I impressively analyze and decide against any action, I passively zone out, I amazingly manage to drown it. Whatever it takes. Then I make excuses and miss out on the blessing it is to bless others. May I become more like the Julies of the world instead.


  • Luana says:

    I still love reading your blog Oddny! That dollmaker \sounds like a very cool lady. Does she sell her dolls online? If so, maybe you could edit in a link to her site. If you do sell the doll she gives you, be sure and take a pic of it first so you can always remember her sweet gift. (Maybe you could edit in a pic of it on this entry too, I’d love to see what it looks like.)

    Your dollmaker reminds me of an awesome Native Alaskan grandmother that used to very faithfully attend the church I grew up in. Even though she couldn’t drive and had to ask for rides from people she always risked the cold cold weather to come to church. (And we’re talking 50 below F, sometimes.) Anyway, she made the most beautiful Eskimo dolls BY HAND!!! They are gorgous works of art. She used her own hair for their hair, and real fur for the tops of their moccasons and the ruff on the cusbuck. My Mom gave me one and I will treasure it forever.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thanks for that advice and also for the great story of the Alaskan lady. Maybe you can send me a picture of her doll. Sounds amazing. My friend Julie does not sell her dolls online, at least not that I know. But I will get a picture of the one she will give me. We call them nisser.

      • Luana says:

        Ok, I e-mailed you some pix Oddny, did you get them?

  • lynnie says:

    I have that woman’s doll’s Luana speaks of. They are a treasure as she was, what a wonderful lady of God she was . I inherited another set from a famous lady in Hawaii that Elizabeth sent to her before she died. She told me that I was to have these for my granddaughters. I do. My darling granddaughters, there in the cold country……… with a faithful warrior lady-Mom- Oddny. Thank God.