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Harmony to the tunes of Feist

During my 14 years as a mother there have been times when I have wondered why I got the most challenging job in the world. And also why my kids don’t act like the kids in magazines and TV commercials. But then there are nights like tonight when I think: How did I get so lucky?

Elise asked if she could cook dinner and did so after searching Google for “Dinner ideas.” Google suggested pasta and tomato sauce.

Naomi and Kristin invented a game of making balls with old socks and pop corn, and played basketball with the trash can as a hoop.

Elise helped with dishes.

Naomi and Kristin made chocolate cookies full of yum yums such as rye flower and oats. (What kid does that? Healthy cookies?)

They cleaned up after themselves. Well…almost.

Elise, Naomi and Kristin spent the evening playing the guitar and practicing songs by Feist, Sixpence None the Richer and A fine Frenzy. And, I must add—Lady Gaga.

They went to bed without being asked to after they cleaned the bathroom.

I am a little worried. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Or am I just very blessed?


The Gumaer Girls



  • lynnie says:

    Are you KIDDING…..You did it all right girl. VERY BLESSED.
    I remember that Steve always did the dishes and Peter would, no kidding, break a dish to make a point that he hated to clean dishes. HELLO. Well Peter loved to chop wood and did not mind hauling big bags of laundry and water jugs with Stever when we lived in the woods. Mikey and Jason used to make a game of work since I homeschooled them for a long time they totally were in this friendly competition. No it takes a Mom that loves her kids to get good kids and even when they are not so good, they are our richest most valuable sources of joy that we get to have as thier Mom’s. I love being a Mom after 42 years…… it just gets better and better. AND you can still love other people’s kids all you want too.
    You are doin just fine. My granddaughters look SO grown up….