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When people step on toes

Motives are hard to judge sometimes. I often wonder about mine. I think I am more concerned about my own glory than the cause I am working for. I remind myself of my kids who make such a big deal of getting the credit for whatever little they may have done to keep the house respectable.

Today I was a little annoyed that some organizations in this country had actually left us out in their pursuit of freedom for Burma.(You see, I feel entitled to this job myself.) And not only that, they had made their opinions public and used photos that my husband had taken. And did they credit him? No. And not only that, they made suggestions to the government that Partners had made an eternity ago. But was that even an issue? No.

So I was sulking by my desk feeling robbed for some fame mostly, and influence in the inner circles. I doubt that if our name (Partners) had been mentioned more and my husband’s name had been on the photo freedom would have come to Burma any sooner. I was more concerned about being left out than I was about the actual cause. I even wrote a couple of emails to set things straight.

My friend, Linda, gently reminded me that my job is not to go out looking for fame and credit and headlines in the news. My job is to do what I am supposed to do and to let God deal with the rest. Let him deal with the people who make mistakes. Let him deal with the people who perhaps act immature. Let him deal with the rest of the stuff. I

I thought that was true and felt convicted. I let my heart settle with the verse that Linda reminded me of Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.”

I so easily judge others and their motives, and then I find myself committing the exact same mistake myself, and feel justified in doing so. Perhaps I should give little more grace to others when they make the same mistakes I do, because I know that I will do the same mistakes myself. If you know what I mean.

Tomorrow will start with new opportunities to do what is right. And that will be my goal. Do what is right. Even if it means nobody will notice and nobody will even care. But it is about being faithful. Faithful.


  • Laurie Murphy says:

    Oddny…..you and I must have been of the same wave length….I just experienced the same feelings. I have been so good up until today. I have “adopted” a family, a friend of Jacob’s (Emily’s son, my grandson) from school. The family doesn’t have much and the children (3) don’t get the same opportunities that a lot of other kids get….so I try to provide…in the most unassuming way…I purchase medication for the children and the mom (she is disabled). I take the children on expeditions of fun….football games, pizza parties, swimming, just coming over to our house to play so that their mom can get some peace and quiet. I don’t usually discuss the whys and where fores of what I do, because I believe that it’s a calling of God to me…to give back. But for some reason, tonight, while at a church function, with the group of people that I volunteer with at my church…I just had to “mention it”.
    Of course, I was given praise….but I’ve never asked for praise in this arena. I do it because it comes from my heart….because I feel God calling me to do this. So why must I “slip” and tell others about it? Pride, ego? Don’t know, but I’ve asked God to give me forgiveness…so that I lose my sense of boastfulness..my need to seek favor in others eyes.
    And as you stated….”Tomorrow will start with new opportunities to do what is right.”
    I’ll add…..Tomorrow is another day, another golden opportunity to improve on yesterday…..
    Blessings to you, Steve and the girls…..My Love ~ <3 <3 <3

  • lynnie says:

    So true for us all. Older we get the less we “get it” the more we need HIM. You and my son are my hero’s, and I know what you are doing, and that is a big thing!!! No matter who took the picture.:) Your job is more “important-er” because you are literally trying to save a BIG group of people, and you are not rock stars with a big fanfare of trumpets whever you go, so your work will be a much more exposed job to the people you generate help from and share your story with, one on one. That makes you become more and more humble and more and more wonderful, at least in my eyes. It is so easy for us to be hard on ourselves. That old scripture I was taught as a baby Christian back 35 years ago, “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up”……… Up to Him, people may never get me but God does and He lifts me up. I feel Him lifting you up all the time. If it helps, none of the nameless homeless ever show and tell about me, and no one ever pats my back at all. I am sure that only God sees now.