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About Saturday beers and getting dirty

This is how I would have liked to spend the day

Last night when I posted my blog I felt like it was the worst piece of writing and I actually thought I ought to remove it this morning. I am such a cry-baby, I thought. And people will be horrified when they see how self-centered I am and that I have all these issues that are so…inane. I also felt like I had not expressed myself very well, I could have at least written some more deep devotional stuff. But it was midnight, I had had a Guinness and a half a bag of chips, watched a stupid talk show and tried to deal with this guy who wants to go to Burma on the phone. It was not my moment of creative genius.

But then all these people read my blog and liked it and commented on it left and right. They also had had those kinds of feelings. My silly smallishness encouraged a lot of people who also felt bad about their silly smallishness.

Tonight I am drinking a Guinness again. It is not a bad habit, if that is what you think. It is my weekend splurge and I am enjoying it the way many may enjoy their steak, their donuts, their chocolate eclairs. It is my little award for getting through the day and not cussing.

The weather is the way weather is in Norway a lot: Cold, windy, rainy. My kids were supposed to help do the weekend cleaning, but they spent most the day sorting their clothes and organizing their closets. It was needed, but that did not make the bathrooms shine. Our dog got diarrhea and he is very hairy, so you can imagine what diarrhea does to his hairy behind (if you have the stomach for that kind of imagination.) His pooping issues have caused me more stress than anything today. More than the fact that there is flooding in Burma, and that the world’s resources are running out.

Marley had to spend the day on his leash outside and he was very unhappy and tried to make us like him more by jumping up on us and pulling our clothes whenever we went outside. It made us like him less.

The only way to get him clean was…get this…to put him in the shower. And get a little dirty in the process. Not a nice job.

But now he is clean and loves me more than ever. He is sleeping by my feet and I get the feeling he is willing to die for me, if need be.

There is got to be a lesson here somewhere. About stepping in the shower with the ones that are not that appealing to begin with, to get dirty with them, and then see their beauty when they are clean, like a fluffy puppy.

I will get back to this analogy later. It is midnight again and my brain is shutting down.


  • Steve Gumaer says:

    You are the absolute coolest girl on the planet. You deserve your reward.

  • lynnie says:

    AHHHHH I love your candor, where would I still hear about your beautifulness? I love the truth, it gives me courage. You give me courage. You have a whole batch of people you constantly are trying to get help for….mercy….. Your job is so more “out there” for thousands, that is what keeps you going and caring. It is us here that pray for your days there in Norway organizing people, trying to get the attention of LEADERS, SOMEONE, ANYONE. You deserve to have your time drinking your one Guinness.
    This is a new America now. Not everyone has the big dream. I just feel happy to have my own roof, I am only able to help a few quiet, desperate ones, in an ex affluent area, No proper health care for people, homeless everywhere, people actually scope out garbage bins at night, they sleep in thier cars hoping to be invisible… I can certainly relate to the poop issue too. My life frequently is so darned tragic and tricky all in one, and I have to keep my eyes focused on the moment more. I used to hate that saying. Like a new age sounding word phrase,”be in the moment”. You absolutely have to live in the moment, each one counts, Marley at your feet…… Poop days come and go. Besides my Mom says give only cooked rice and a little chicken broth to a dog with diarrhea and wait it out, it goes away quicker, and she is 87 she knows!! 🙂

  • Ingebjørg says:

    I am so glad you managed Marley’s behind. And yesterday I was relieved I am (a little) old and fragile. Otherwise I should have thought I ought to clean the dog for you.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Hi, hi, hi. I think washing dogs’ behinds should be the job of the owner (Steve), or when the owner is gone, his wife. Not the ex-step-mother-in-law. Men du skulle sett ham i dag. Rolig og snill og nå har vi gått på tur i en time og han var en liten engel. Tror noe skjedde der i dusjen. Han forsto at det var ekte kjærlighet når noen vasker rumpa hans…:(

      • Ingebjørg says:

        – uten at det bør overføres på alle urolige og uoppdragne vesener 😀

  • Ted E. Baker says:

    Read this posting, and empathized.
    We think you, your family & Partners people are just AWESOME warriors for God’s Glory, and His kingdom! Hang in there!
    I recently took members of one of our extended families to the airport to catch the “redeye” to go “outside” for the funeral of the Dad’s Father. Told them, “some things you do for love you would never do for money!”.
    We kept their dog for a week in the garage & in the yard. The daughter returned Sat., so the dog is gone. Now I will go out & pick up what the dog “left behind” pun intended. Love. Not money!
    Like God did for us.
    My FLESH rebels against doing even little inconvenient things. Guess that’s why we maintain the Spiritual Disciplines so faithfully – not as a check list, but desperately, as a lifeline!