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Remembering Marv

Tonight my friend and one of our family’s greatest heroes died. He had cancer and although his death was not unexpected, it is sad. It is sad to think that he is gone and that in this life we will never see him again. For me though, it is comforting to know that he is in a better place. Kristin sat down and wrote a reflection that moved me to tears this afternoon: “Marv is kind of my Grandpa and I really love him. He is the best Grandpa I ever had. I hope he is having a good time in heaven with God, and he has probably met Kit (our dog that died a year ago) and having fun with all his pig friends (Marv was fond of pigs, and raised many at our Partners farm). Marv means a lot to me. I love you Marv and I will meet you when I die. The Gumaers will meet you. Love Kristin.”

Marv meant a lot to me too. He taught me mostly about believing in people, about listening and caring. He taught me to not care so much about other people’s opinions, but to do what is right, even if it means to clean toilets. (You may know that his is a lesson I am still learning, but Marv has shown me how it is done by his example.)He made me laugh and said things that I never would have had the guts to say. I have written more about him in my new book (that is not published yet). Tonight I will just pray for Dorothy who lost her best friend and husband of 42 years.


Our family with Marv and Dorothy at Christmas two years ago



  • lynnie says:

    Marv will meet us there. He was such a force of determined love, a hero who wasted no time.. I hope Dorothy has lots of love surrounding her. Aloha Nui Lynnie

  • Laurie Mogianesi says:

    Your first book was given to me by Lynne England it was so moving!!!God look out after all of you and what you are doing.I look forward to book #2.
    Laurie Mogianesi

  • Susan Herrera says:

    We will miss Marv too, for many of the reasons you mentioned and more. Thank you for expressing it. Marv is truly one of the “Greats” in Christiandom. We are relieved the suffering for him is over. Knowing how much he meant to the Gumaers, we are sad for your loss as well.

  • Ingebjørg says:

    Så veldig trist å tenke på at vi ikke vil få møte Marv igjen. Jeg er enig med Kristin, jeg håper han møter grisene sine igjen. Det var en opplevelse å være med han ut til farmen hans og se alt han hadde fått til der, og den kjærligheten han omfattet det med.

  • Tina (Whalen) O'Malley says:

    Wow! How inspiring…I haven’t had the privelege of meeting Marv, but thank you for passing on his legacy through your writings. I can’t wait to read your book. With just the few words you have shared, it has given me strength! Thank you, Tina (Whalen) O’Malley

  • Val says:

    I have been thinking about Dorothy so much. I knew Marv for a little over a year and here is what sticks with me the most. He took non-relatives and made them his own children and grandchildren. At a moment’s notice he could fill in as minister or math tutor. He was an expert on puppets and on pigs. (Everyone who knows about Marv’s work with pigs knows that I mean this in the most sincere and complimentary way). I can picture in my mind a core group of people who were kind and supportive at a time when I needed friends and Dorothy and Marv were there. Thanks Marv. And thanks Oddny for introducing me to Marv and for letting me share here.