Oct 28 2 Comments

Putting logs on the fire

Some days people are too busy to write blogs. The last few days I have had other things on my mind:

  • Carrying wood inside for the fire.
  • Making the fire.
  • Making the fire again when the first fire died.
  • Taking the dog outside to pee.
  • Making sure the fire is burning.
  • Praying.
  • Getting kids out of bed although it is as dark as the night and as cold as sushi.
  • Telling the kids to get dressed. Telling the kids to eat. Telling the kids to make lunch. Telling the kids to hurry up. Telling the kids to open the bathroom door. Telling the kids to hurry. Telling the kids to eat. Telling the kids to pack their bags. Telling the kids to get dressed. Telling the kids to speak nicely. Telling the kids they are going to be late. Running up and down the stairs to get the things the kids forgot.
  • Watching the kids walk off to school. Across the field, together with a trail of other kids who are equally groggy, equally late, equally looking like the dwarfs in Snow White.
  • Checking the fire.
  • Cleaning the impressive mess in the kitchen.
  • Wondering why all my clothes are so boring.
  • Putting on some of my boring clothes.
  • Some say that now the day begins.

This is posed. They are rarely this together in the mornings.

I would say it differently some days. I would say: This is only the beginning. Then off I go to all my thousands of activities.

Email and laundry. It may be what does me in one of these days.

Today was a little different. First we went for dinner at our neighbor’s house at 4. (That is when we eat dinner in Norway. Why is that so strange?) We ate and chatted around their big dining table. Then we moved over to the coach and had coffee and a piece of cake while we kept on talking. At long last we got up, put our coats on and walked home in the dark. The air smelled of late fall, wood fires and the winter that is to come.

The smell of fall. Promises of winter. And summer.

Then I moved on to a Bible study group in the evening where we did more talking and eating. And I thought about how nice it is to belong in a fellowship and how important it is. I thought that people are generally so different from me. (Good thing for them. Good for the world. One of me is enough) That is a good thing because I am learning that although they are different in background, tastes and stature, all people generally want to belong, want to share their hearts and want to do something good for others. And that is something I have in common with them. If that is all we have in common, then that is OK too because those are the most important qualities. (Some other qualities are good too: Courage and the ability to do accounting are two.)

Now I am home and my house is a mess and I am behind with many tasks. But, I have already carried the wood inside and it’s looking good for tomorrow.