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T.G.I. Friday

Fridays are nice days. Friday nights I am usually full of Christmas-like expectancies. There are so many good things to look forward to: The ice-cold Guinness that I have been looking forward to popping open and pouring into a tall glass all week. Black like molasses. Frothy like a polluted river.

Then there is my favorite program on TV. The only program on TV that I watch, actually. It is called “The news once more.” Well, in Norwegian is sounds so much better: “Nytt på nytt.” For thirty minutes five more or less famous people sit in a studio and share the news of the past week the way they see it, in a very humorous way. I laugh a lot and wish I could be so cunning with my one-liners. And I try to remember some of the things they say, so that I can use it—on my blog for example.

Here is one of the long-term "Nytt på nytters." He produces funny statements and observations like other people produce buggers. I don't know how he does it.

This is the leader for Nytt på nytt, Jon Almaas. He is very witty and incredibly good-looking. One of Norway's finest men, in my opinion.

It is also the thought that tomorrow morning I can sleep until I want to get up, which most likely will be seven. That is a whole hour extra and I can’t wait to go to bed tonight thinking about that. No alarm clock for two wondrous mornings.

I am anxious in a good and nervous way about all the cleaning I have to do tomorrow. All week I have been thinking about when to mop the floor, and I have either not been able to justify the time it would take (I do have a job, after all), or I have not been able to get the dog to stay outside long enough and he thinks the mop is an animal he must kill, or I have been too tired at night after the kids went to bed. Tomorrow is the day: My house will get cleaned.

I am thinking about how I will be feeling at this time tomorrow night. Going to bed in a clean house. I may be better than going to bed after Guinness.

Lastly, I am going to go for a long run somewhere tomorrow. A bit longer than normal. That will be my treat after all that cleaning. Thinking about that makes Friday night a good night as well.

Some Saturdays I bake something good to eat with coffee. The thought of that also makes Friday nights great.

No wonder I am excited about Friday nights. They are the reward of a week well spent. And to think that every week has a Friday night makes me thankful in a childish way.

I also think that tomorrow night I will write a meaningful blog. Something that will shock and challenge. Something that may change the lives of some people. I may write an idea that will make people see the world, their faith, their lives in a completely different light. I can’t wait to write that blog entry tomorrow.

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