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Same, same, but different

Some people I have met think that my family and I must have the most extraordinary life there is, so full of adventure, fun, challenges and thrills. I like my life. But, mostly, it isn’t any more full of first-class drama than most people’s lives. This I am going to prove by describing how my work-day has been today.

Wouldn’t you believe it! As I look out through my window by my desk, the  view is similar to yesterday’s view: Rain.

Same, same, but different

I have spent a large portion of my day trying trying to cross off stuff on my to-do-list. I did not totally succeed, and I ended up working on things that I had not put on my list as well. I am committed to using scrap-paper for my list. This one is an invitation to the dentist. Deserves to become scrap.

You may notice that I didn't write very neatly. That is because I did not realize the list was going to get published.

Here is my endless inbox with 354 emails in it. I don’t think I will ever see the bottom of it.

I must learn to have system, says Steve. I do. All the messages are here!

Here is the stupid ticket that I have been trying to change for two days. Never buy discount tickets on discount websites if you are as disorganized as me!

I am going to teach at a Karen church and did not realize how much time it would take to get there. My geography skills are bad.

Here you can also see my favorite tea cup and my journal that I bring with me everywhere. I write down all the ideas that pop into my head here, and I also write stuff that I must remember. My tea cup is great. I make Chai with soya milk and then make it a little less granola by eating chocolate. I did not take a picture of the chocolate. But it was dark, and only a square. OK, two squares.

Let it speak for itself

Here you see the first page of the draft of my new book. I try to rewrite it all the time so that it will be so good that publishers will sense it from afar and just call me. It hasn’t happened yet, so I need to keep rewriting.

It's copyrighted

Here is my stupid, but kind and faithful dog who loves it when I work from home. He follows me around all day. If I go to the bathroom, he will wait outside. When I make tea he stands next to me. When I put wood on the fire, he comes with. It gets a little annoying at times. I like to be alone SOME time. But he means well. He thinks I like it when he never leaves me alone.

He tried to eat a sticker and it got stuck on his beard. Proves how smart he is.

So all this is to say that my days are pretty ordinary. Some days less than ordinary. Some days plain old boring. But boring days are good for my soul. It has a calming effect. And, when it gets so boring I can stand it no more, I remind myself of who I am doing this for, and that helps me a little. Then I go and read a chapter in a book or write a blog. Life isn’t so bad.


  • lynnie says:

    This sounds like my life but, different-diffferent. Coffee or I feel like I will never wake up. My dog is a pitbull that is is super smart and scary looking but a baby of all babies. I too have a journal, but it will never be read.I had 5 bills to pay yesteday. Life can be very boring, but it is in those daily boring times that we grab our sanity, yes? I love that you put the picture of the dog!

  • Rick Granger says:

    Even your ‘everyday’ seems special when YOU write about it. You’re a fun writer to read!

  • Ingun Bøe says:

    “Alle disse dagene som kom og gikk, ikke visste jeg at det var livet” I don`t know how to translate this into english. Maybe someone can help out. The days are often grey here in mid-Norway. But suddenly a brave yellow flower pops up and procleim its beauty! Today a will see one,- I know. See you for tea in some hours Oddny 🙂

  • Victoria Husby says:

    bloggen din har blitt en del av mitt daglige morgenrituale 🙂

  • Dorothy says:

    Your blog always brings a smile to my lips. They are a highlight of my day even when you are having a normal day that doesn’t seem exciting to you.



  • Luana says:

    What a wonderful entry Oddny. Your doggy is sooo cute. Love the sticker on his fur hehe. I have a dumb cat that eats plastic and rubber bands then arfs them up – gross. But I can’t help loving him anyway and he purrs very loudly. Right now it’s pouring down rain and the wind is blowing really hard. I’m glad to be warm inside our little house. I hope you get published soon, I read your page and want to buy your book.