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Sun through rain

A promise is a promise, and I did say I would write a blog that would change people’s lives. I am a few days late, but that is due to some other important activities—involving dress-ups for Halloween and a party with lots of kids high on sugar, corn syrup,glucose, artificial flavorings and colors. They are still recovering.

Recovery will take some days of only eating veggies and apples

OK, so I think this thing about writing something that will change lives was just my need for attention and a way to get people to come back to look at what I have written. What could it be, people are wondering. Does she have news about Brad Pitt?

The thing is that I have nothing new to say that hasn’t been said before. People have been saying the same thing in different ways throughout history and, like the person who wrote Ecclesiastics said: Nothing is new under the sun. I say: Nothing is new in Oddny’s head. Then I say: Nothing is new with the weather in Norway in October as well as November.

View from my desk today.

I go to work and it is the same old in Burma, and it is the same old on my desk, and it is the same old in my inbox. I look outside and it is the same old rain.

View from my desk a little later.

But, then, today, wonder of all wonders, the sun tried to break through the clouds that were as thick as the Chinese Wall. (I am sure they were thicker. I don’t know much about the thickness of clouds, just that they have not let the sun through for ages.)

And it kind of happened in my work day too. Because even though the situation in Burma as predictable as the cold rain on muddy roads here, there is hope. I have been thinking about the kids at Nidarvoll school that I visited a couple of weeks back (and I was asked to become the queen of Burma). Those kids, along with their teachers, worked so hard and created so much enthusiasm that in just over one night they had raised 100 000 NKr (that is 17000 USD) for Partners work with the refugees in Burma. I don’t know any other kids who have done that!

Original art made by masters. Who wouldn't want to buy it?

As soon as it is cleared in the bank, I will pass it on to our team in Thailand, who will distribute it in ways that will help the most kids, and adults, in Burma.

It was just like the sun that broke through the dark sky, sending the most beautiful light across the fields and on the trees. Kids shining a light on Burma. It’s not the same old.


  • Steve Gumaer says:

    Meeting you on your blog again! I love you. I love the way your words move me.

  • lynnie says:

    Connection I think is a much better, more realistic word to use for a blog to be a possibility……not attention.
    I love connecting to the people in my world.
    You are an interesting person and what you have to say does reach in and connect the people that read your blog.
    We are connected to your family, work, desires,and your passion.
    What could be better than that? You are succeeding in my spot on the map.
    Thank you.

  • Rick Granger says:

    Your family – you and your wonderfully interesting husband – put Burma on my map. I knew it was there before, of course, but now, every time we come up with surplus our first thought is Partners! “What else can we send to Burma???” Thank you for your work, and for being an inspirational family to ours!