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Rain-pants and hair

“Kristin, it’s going to rain today so you need to bring your rain-pants for your day in the forest.” Here in Norway the kids spend a day a week in the forest, doing school there. It’s amazing how much more they learn about biology, science and the kind by actually being in it rather than reading about it in books. To observe an ant hill where the ant hills live, for example. To smell the wet leaves and learn about fall, for example. Along with learning, there is plenty of time to play and climb trees and overcome obstacles. But there is a very, very, super important rule: Be dressed right!

Kristin’s face got a funny look. “What? You don’t like your rain-pants?” “Well, actually mom, the are fine. It just depends on my hair.” “What?!” “Well, you see those rain-pants only look good on me if my hair is braided in two straight braids.” “Really?” “Yes, it’s hard to explain, but it’s just like that.”

When it comes to Kristin and clothes I know better than to argue. I looked at her and said: “Well, if I braid your hair, will you bring your rain-pants?” She said: “Yes, sure, mom.”

She had a really good day in the forest and they played capture the flag. And it did not rain. Too bad really, since those rain-pants would have looked excellent with the blond braided hair.

The reason Kristin's hair is not braided here is that it is not raining.


  • lynnie says:

    She is SO tall. Kristen in my mind was so very cute as a newborn, she was the only one I got to see as a little baby… I felt so privileged to hold her and watch her look at her Grama the way she did. Mercy, how wonderful are my granddaughters, and of course they are brilliant too! The way you talk of those girls I sometimes feel myself sitting right there looking at them. I am so lucky. I think life goes around in a circle. I feel old and sore and I want to feel like I can do a cartwheel or stand on my hands again. Actually, I don’t think I ever did a cartwheel, and I do not remember standing on my hands… What a delightful picture to see the girls and their ways through this blog.

  • Laura Anderson says:

    Kristen’s Grama–I could never do a cartwheel either! My five-year-old is trying to learn so don’t tell her! I am just amazed that they spend a day a week in the forest! How wonderful!

  • Luana says:

    That’s very cool about the day a week in the forest. Is this at a public or private school?