Nov 8 2 Comments

To kick sled or to car sled?

It was the scariest day ever. My muscles felt tense and I had to remind myself to keep breathing. A couple of times I thought it was the end and for a split second I wondered if I was ready to face eternity. I knew I could do this, and that this was facing my fears—head on. The dim light was slowly dying all around us, making the feeling of gloom turn to dread. Darkness was all around us. There was nobody there to trust other than myself and God, and—like I said—I wasn’t sure whether or not he planned to take me home a little early.

I was driving in the season’s first snow storm, and it was a storm of dimensions. My car protested up the hills of thick slush and ice, the windows fugged up and all I could see was millions of snowflakes dancing towards my windshield like flying bed bugs. The car swerved like a ballerina on ice when it hit the spots that seemed to be a few degrees colder than the rest, and more slippery. I told the car I was it’s master.

After the three-hour drive today I decided that snow and winter is better enjoyed other places than from behind the steering wheel of  a car. I am inclined to think that we should all try different ways to get from one destination to another in the snow. It sure is a lot safer, less stressful, and a lot better for the environment.

This is one safe and enjoyable way to move on the snow.

And then there is the real-life analogy: Driving down life’s highways while it snows and storms and there are stupid drivers everywhere, some of them incapable of following the simplest rules, it is hard to look around and enjoy the scenery life has to offer. But put on your skis and slow the pace down and you will realize that the world is a fairy tale castle and you are the princess.

Here is a princess on a life discovery tour in her fairy tale kingdom. No traffic jams here.

This Norwegian mode of transportation is quite genius as well as fun. Add to that the great aerobic exercise it provides and you can ask yourself why you would ever want to travel any other way. This is how I got to school during the winter in my childhood all those years ago.

Ok, so this is a pretty lame blog in some ways. But you have to give me some slack. I had a close to death experience today and lived. I am still feeling a little bit like jello on the inside and I am wondering what the people who met me while driving thought I was looking like. Like the model for Munch’s Scream? Tomorrow night I will have to drive an hour to pick up Steve. He probably doesn’t want to be picked up on a kick sled.


  • Gwen says:

    I have a feeling so long as you were the one on the kick sled to get him at the airport he would not care at all.
    We have a town close by that uses kick sleds to get around, I think its an awesome idea.
    I am a little jealous of you and the snow already, as I sit here in 60 degree weather with blue sky and sunshine. We do live in an awesome part of the world but I’m ready for snow, skiing and winter. It also makes it feel more like the holidays.
    Keep the blogs going they are always enlightening.

  • Luana says:

    That kick sled is cute, looks like lots of good exercise!