Nov 17 3 Comments

When the world falls apart in a small way it feels big

Today disaster struck. And by that I mean DISASTER.

Like a chirpy bird with weights on my legs I was going to work this morning at 6.30— after my first cup of tea. The first task of my busy day is to check in on Facebook. After that comes other smaller tasks, such as strategy planning. But the Internet was down. This is worse news than running out of beer on a Friday night. It was terrible news for me because my life revolves around the Internet. But poor, old Mr. Modem had died during the night, and the earliest the Internet company could replace it was in a week. They informed us of this when they finally opened their offices at eight. (Yes, you have read that this is the BEST country in the world. But to get us a modem when we need it before the world falls apart? No chance. People here have strong labor laws and abide by them.)

I packed my briefcase and was happy that at least I could do my work at my office. It’s a drag because my office is messy as anything, but I could spend a day working there. And check Facebook besides.

You may not believe this, but it is true: The Internet was down at the office. For FOUR freaking days. I wanted to bang my head on a rock. I banged it on my palms.

This is how I felt inside today. This, BTW, is a rock group from the place we live. They are called the Walking pickles and will go far. Look out for them. Steve wants to join their fan club. In fact, he may already have joined.

No Internet on this busiest week of the…week. And by busy I mean BUSY. Not only is there a board meeting to prepare for and a budget to make. There is a Christmas campaign that needs to get out the door, there are email updates and web site work. We have to write a whole strategy plan about how we are going to change the world and I need to write my blog!

All day I was edgy. All day I was grumpy. All day I was thinking about all the work I was not getting to do. I took too few deep breaths and thought too few positive thoughts.

Now I am sitting at my desk and all is calm and all is well. Steve drove two long trips into town and bought a new modem with is own hard-earned money.(Why two trips, you ask. Good question that I am not going to answer. It may be addressed in a later blog.) It (the modem) is winking at me now with it’s yellow eyes, saying: See how much power I have over you and when are you going to let go of the control you feel you must have in all areas of your life. Today was a test and you did not exactly excel. But there will be more chances. Have no fear. Life does not usually follow our perfectly planned schedules and plans. It is when it takes a detour, as small as today’s, that we learn how far from perfect we are and how hard it is to trust that somebody other than you is in control.



  • stevegumaer says:

    I like the blog. You are great. But I don’t like the 200 kilometers I drove in order to get it posted!

  • lynnie says:

    Thats alright, I know it is small compared to you,but last week I broke my beloved crockpot, cups, plates, containers of soup, cranberry sause, I mean if it could be broken, I broke it! Then on top of that I burnt to a crisp two dinners… Eric is so sweet, he just picks up stuff and cancels out the misery so many times. I am so lucky, well not with things, just with people.
    I absolutely loved the picture of you at the pulpit last blog. It remained with me all day yesterday as I had my own share of ministry. God loves all my children sooooooooooooo much.

  • adit says:

    lieve Oddny,

    i like you already! your heart and your energy. 🙂

    my cousin, who was born in Norway, is named Odd, you are the first person i have met with a similar name.

    bless you, and your heart, and all who belong to your heart.