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The glue that holds a community together

One of the most important things for people in any society, any culture or  any social group is community. And one of the most important things to glue a community together is culture. The Karen sing, and any Karen community with respect for themselves has a good choir that meet and sing regularly. The Thais dance. Slow, graceful moves, where the fingers play the main part. The Shan sing, and do colorful dances as well. The Americans do Rodeos. And the list goes on.

Tonight we went to the opening of the culture center at our small community here. They named it the Magnus’ hall after  King Magnus Lagabøte who lived in the 1200 and who passed the laws the country was to abide by, here on Frosta.

We got a small teaser of the talents the community has to offer in the two and a half hour long show tonight. I was impressed, and a little teary-eyed at times. It seems almost impossible that a small community such as this one can afford a culture center as nice as the one we just got. And it seems impossible that a community as small as this one should have so many talented people too. But I was there and I was not dreaming.

Here are some of my favorites

Naomi and friends doing Hoola hoops. The people started clapping and the girls got so bewildered they left the stage a minute before they finished their performance. But nobody noticed.

These guys are real studs. And some of our best friends' sons too. You may run into them at a circus one day.

Two of my girls, Naomi on the top and Elise two layers down. And friends.

Here they are again, the Walking Pickles. They are really, really good. The most amazing thing is that they write their own music. Get their album when it comes out, OK.

Some of all the kids. The future of the nation, the future of the world. Notice my girls among the rest.

My favorite photo of the night. One of the members of the accordion club.

So, you can see there are lots of talents and potentials here. And I have not even posted photos of more than a fraction of all the participants. May they all live long and use their amazing talents to make the world a better place. Amen.