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Pray, exercise, blog

When busy there are two things I tend to not do as much as I would like to: Pray and exercise. When busy those are probably the two things I should not give up on doing. When busy I spend time browsing other people’s Facebook profiles. With glazed eyes and a slumped back I passively soak up what my friends are up to—it’s brainless work and I am too tired to think or act. Facebook is good for tired people—or should I say bad? I could have done some push-ups instead. Before Facebook I bet people did more push-ups.

But what I really wanted to say was that another thing I don’t do when I am busy, is write on my blog. It’s really too bad, because there is plenty to write about. I just have had to choose between cooking dinner and writing my blog. The dinner won. I have had to choose between sleep and writing a blog. Sleep won. I have had to choose between going to work or writing my blog. Work won. I am trying to get “write a blog every day” put into my job description. But my leaders are a little reluctant to do so. I don’t understand why.

I think that what I have learned, but am not that good at practicing, is that we need to not let ourselves get so busy that we forget to choose right before wrong. That is the worst kind of trap. The trap we fall into when we get ourselves so busy doing good deeds that we end up hurting our neighbor, ourselves and our environment while we are twirling around good-deeding.

Frogs. We have a friend in Thailand who has a frog farm. This is a picture of his frogs. You know that frogs don't feel that they are being boiled to death. At least that is what I have heard. Similar to people.

Perhaps you can’t relate to this. But I can. For example getting myself so busy preparing for Christmas that I don’t have time to sit down and read a Christmas story for my little girl. For example getting myself so busy raising money for refugee projects that I don’t have time to visit refugee families that live close by. For example getting myself so busy sharing about the meaning of Christmas that I don’t take the time to spend time with the One whom we celebrate at Christmas.

I think something has to change. More exercise, more prayers, more blogs are coming your way. Wait and see. Wait and see.

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  • lynnie says:

    Boy can I relate to this. Keep up the blogging because it helps you hear yourself and also helps others know how to pray for the work you are doing. I love you daughter.