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13 years at high speed

It’s been 13 years today since I was handed Naomi. Before she was handed to me she had made me miserable for a short while. Two hours to be exact.

A passionate ballerina during her early years

She came out in a hurry and has done everything fast since then. “She is very smart,” her teachers have said every time I have a conference with them, “we just wish she would not be in such a hurry all the time.” “She said she cleaned,” laments Dad, “but it appears she was in a great hurry to finish.” “I read the book,” she will tell us, “but I read it so fast that I forgot what it was about.” She will take the dog out for a walk and be back before I have time to turn around. “He peed and pooed,” she says, and that took exactly 30 seconds.

She does everything fast, and she mostly ends up doing what she wants. “I love to be different,” she smiles. “Give me sushi in my lunch box!” She is a trend-setter and a leader. She is a person who will make people follow her to the North Pole, if that is where she wants to go.

Luckily for us, she has decided on some good courses in her life. “It’s now a trend to not drink sodas in my class,” she beams. “I told my friends I never drink it, and they thought it was cool.” She will also say things like: “I sure hope the war in Burma is over before I become and adult so that I don’t have to work with Partners.” I have then told her, that if the war in Burma end, we will move on to the Congo or some other exciting place. One will never be unemployed who follows Partners. But at 13 she is more concerned with her guitar cords, her voice lessons and the piano lessons she is hoping we will give her.

Naomi has brought lots of fun to the refugee camps

These days it is the guitar that counts

I look at Naomi and feel proud and happy. She is my little girl who is growing up and becoming a person I admire. It is called grace, because, God knows, I have not done everything right with this one. But he put something beautiful into the world that day 13 years ago. Her name was Naomi and she was in a hurry to make the world smile.

Naomi (left) with her friends


  • Dorothy says:

    She is awesome, as are all the Gumaer girls. Happy Birthday Naomi! I am sorry that I had to leave before your party, but it was fun to be there while you planned.

  • Bia says:

    We love you and Pa Bee said Happy Birthday na kha 🙂 have a great day kha.

  • lynnie says:

    I love my granddaughter Naomi, and you are so right, God did something so right when she was born into our world!!!!!!!!