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Not as big as the sky

Yesterday I read this quote that Goldie Hawn’s dad had said to her once. I am not a Goldie Hawn guru by any means. I must think pretty hard to remember a movie she has been in, to be honest. But her dad said something wise. He said: Whenever things start to seem rough, you just get on down to the beach and look up at the sky for awhile…and suddenly you won’t feel so big.

This sky has seen a lot. People running for dumb reasons for example


I read this quote on another blog and it stuck with me. Maybe because I needed to feel small. Actually, I needed to feel that the sky is a lot bigger than my problems. I needed to think that in the big schemes of things, the things that I get hung up on are very small. Very small.

The sky. So much bigger than us

As I sit, day after day, and try to figure out how to save Burma, I tend to get overwhelmed. I also tend to think that nothing matter more, and should not matter more that the work I do to save Burma. I also think that people that don’t think that saving Burma matters more than anything are not as good people as the ones who help me try saving Burma.

I some times think…that without me there is not much hope for Burma.

I have forgotten that in the big scheme of things I am very small. In the big scheme of things I need to put myself a different perspective. The sky perspective.

In the big scheme of things I can afford to let the sky shine on me and cover me with it's vastness

So what I will do right now is to forget about Burma for a while and go for a run in the dark. I can have a look at the vast sky that is a lot bigger than me and remind myself that I am not so big after all.

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  • lynnie says:

    Yep, the sky is bigger. We all wished that others would understand what makes our heart’s work seem so important. It just does not work at all that way. We know that God knows the importance of the work that He has called us too. He in the end is the only one that can help us as we help others………And He is with Partners. He is with Steve and you and the kids. He is with the many, many people who care for the work that you are doing. Take heart from the loved ones that you have that have stood by your dreams of helping. Even if we have had to actually sacrifice our being with you all, at least me, I know that it is the Great I am that calls you and leads you.