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Do you know what you will eat for lunch March 3, 2012?

Standing on your head may give you a different perspective on life too. Helps when schedules don't work out.

Naomi, thirteen already, was slowly waking up while she was eating her breakfast the other morning. “I think I have come up with a schedule that I am going to follow for the rest of my life now, ” she said between bites. “The rest of your life, Naomi?” said I, wanting to make sure I had heard right. I had still not had any coffee. “Yeah!?” She said, looking like she did not understand why I had to ask. “I will come home from school, do my homework, then I will watch a short episode of something on TV, eat dinner, work out and go to bed.” It sounded like a good plan until I asked her if that would work out if she gets a job, kids and a husband. “Oh, right,” said Naomi. “I had not thought of that.” “OK, then. I will at least try to stick with my schedule until March,” she concluded before walking to school.

Would be nice, wouldn’t it, if life followed our neatly planned schedules and fit into our daily activities? Imagine knowing already today what you will be wearing next year in February.

But life has a tendency to take it’s own skips and jumps, through rives and over cliffs. When we plan to take a left turn, life turns to the right. In my case, I can’t hardly remember a time when I had planned what to have for dinner two days from now, that we actually ended up with the planned menu. Some would say, and I don’t disagree, that the Gumaers are a particularly bad case study when it comes to planning anything at all. We hardly know how to use a calendar. But this is not the point I am trying to make here.

The point is that life doesn’t always follow our schedules.

And why do I write about that? Not sure what it says to you, but for me it is a reminder of how small I am in the big scheme of things. And that is something I need to be reminded of all the time.

Some times I feel a little too impressed by myself, and I need to be reminded that in the big scheme of things, I am not that great. I am hardly a dot on the magnifying glass if you take a look at the universe. When did I get the idea that I am so special? I should be thankful that some air has been provided for me to breathe.

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Some times I feel like my value and significance is less than that of a fly, and then too, it is important to be reminded of the big scheme. Why? Because while I am just a small speck in the big scheme of things, I am a small speck. And I am a small speck with value. I am created with gifts and talents, with a personality and a story to tell. I am small, but there is still a space for me here on the planet. And if I want to, I can change the world a little.

All this I thought about while smiling at Naomi’s simple solution to life’s chaos: Make a schedule and stick to it. Could not be that hard.