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Loving, loving, loving, even when it’s cold outside.

The furriest member of the family

Tonight in the frenzy of being together at last (It has been a busy week and our family likes each other’s company. This week we have been apart a lot and now we were finally in the same room, trying to catch up on what was new with the Gumaers), and on a Friday night besides, we let our dog Marley out to pee and forgot him. It’s 11 minus outside and after listening to some new music on iTunes, doing some algebra, watching a funny YouTube movie, talking about the events of the day, brushing the teeth, cuddling good night we saw an anxious, black and furry face jumping up and down in front of our kitchen window. That would be Bob Marley, the Labradoodle. He was  reminding us that he was still outside and it was cold. We looked down on our feet when he came inside and pretended not to hear the sound of the icicles on his paws when he walked across the floor. Pretended not to see the frost on his beard as he looked at us with those sad and faithful eyes.

Dogs are weird. We left him outside in the cold and the dark. We may have forgotten him all together, was it not for him reminding us that he is in fact alive and outside. And what is he doing right now? He is sleeping by our feet, dedicated, committed, loyal until death, willing to risk his life it need be, forever ready to defend us and our property. He never once said: I cannot believe how selfish you are. You don’t care about my needs. You never pay any attention to me. How could you do that to me? Leave me outside like some dog?

We have a lot to learn from dogs. But when that is said, I think that dogs could benefit from learning a thing or two from us too. They should be a little better at expressing their true feelings.

We on the other hand could learn more about believing the best in people. Most people don’t mean to be jerks. They actually try to be good people. They just forget us in the cold some times.

This is what happens if you are a dog with a lot of fur and you go for a walk in the snow. The spiritual application is that we should put on snow socks or cut some of the fur off. You know what I mean, right?