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The truth about lead and feathers

It was always such fun to ask this question: What is heavier? 1 kg lead or 1 kg feathers? We would laugh out loud when the person we asked said: 1 kg lead. Ha, ha, ha, dumb, dumb, it weighs the same!

This is one of my useless childhood memories.

Today I thought about this again as I was reflecting on how much I am worth as a person. I was talking to a friend about this, and realized that I think that my value as a human being changes according to what day it is. Well, actually, it changes according to what I am able to produce. So if I don’t grow enough potatoes, I am less valuable than if I grow a lot—to use a metaphor from our farming community. In plain English this means that I believe, and I think many others do too, that if I do a lot of important and noticeable stuff, I am more valuable than if I don’t.

This is kind of like saying that 1 kg lead weighs more than 1 kg feathers.

Personally, I have spent too much time thinking that it is the stuff I do that makes me valuable. The thought that if I sat down and never again did another good deed I would still be as valuable as I am now is hard to believe. Hard to live by too. But I have thought about it all day and think that if we all took a deep breath and let this truth settle in our hearts, we would be a lot happier. Not to mention, we would end up with a lot more time on our hands. I think I am going to try it.


  • Rick Granger says:

    Since moving to Cayman my agenda includes:

    1. School (I’m a teacher)
    – nothing follows –

    It’s comprehensive.
    I like it this way!
    The rest is open to whimsy.
    Beats ministry by a mile!

  • lynnie says:

    Such raw truth is really what life is all about. I like that you are keepin it real daughter.

    When I do things to improve things, I have to remember where I come from every single day..

    I can do so little, but God, Wow He does so many, many, things for us all every single day, I am so glad He is my God. He gets me and you. He gets us all.
    Hooray…..A sinner such as I, truely amazing grace……..
    Today: one month tobacco free. Now that weighs so much more than all the possible things I can imagine. ONE whole month!!!!!!!!!!

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Good on you, Lynnie. One month without tobacco! It should be out of your system then. Yes, and remember that God can do things through us daily.

  • Susan Herrera says:

    1 kg of feathers could cushion a lot of nests, shield a lot of ducklings, dust a lot of furniture, make a lot of people sneeze, or describe a state of release from our heavy load. Lead on the other hand, has to sink to do it’s business, is dull and colorless and makes me feel weighted down just looking at it. I think I’ll just take my 1 kg of feathers & stuff them into a pillow to rest my head, pull a feather comforter up to my chin, drink a cup of hot tea and watch a lead colored sky drop slate gray rain while I contemplate how it is that a God so wonderful could take notice of insignificant me. Thank you for the suggestion, Oddny!