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Where do you put your used gum?

I remember something funny from when I was little. My grandma had an old kitchen table that was covered with a floral plastic table cloth. It was held in place with thumbtacks. But the table wasn’t the main attraction. It was what was hidden under the table. Because under the table were all the pieces of gum my aunts had chewed on over the years. If you just put your fingers under the table you could feel all those bumps. I never looked at them, just felt them. And I knew, as a five-year-old that I was included in a great secret. You see, my grandfather was a most strict man. Most things in life that could be enjoyable was considered a sin by him. Chewing gum most certainly was. So the aunts had to hurry up and hide the gum as soon as he entered the kitchen. And what better place than to stick it under the table?

My grandfather is dead now, and I don’t know if he ever found out about the gum. Probably not.

See, I am even scared of such a small horse. It moves, that's why.

The other day I went for a walk with my friend. I had decided I wanted to share with her some difficulties I have that I had not wanted people to know about. For too long I have been sticking all my weaknesses under the table like my aunts did. I don’t want anybody to know anything about me that is not great. So I stick them under there, making sure that all you see is the floral print on the table cloth.

As I shared I was amazed at how freeing it was to just let go and to be open and honest. Trying to hide behind a perfect facade is so much harder. And not only that, but as I shared, I was surprised to hear that I was not alone. So many of my issues were the same ones as my friend was going through.

I am finding that being imperfect is a great state to be. Wouldn’t you hate the stress of always being perfect?

So, I am not a perfect blogger. By any means. I keep waiting for all these big companies to contact me asking if they can please put an ad on my site, and for all the publishing companies to ask if they can publish my stuff. Hasn’t happened yet.

But guess what, that is not why I blog. I blog because it is fun. And I think I have something worthwhile to say—sometimes.

Guess what else! We still have no internet. I have to travel around like an internet refugee trying to steal a few bytes here and there.

So I am going back to my internetless, trashcanless, but not hopeless house now, and think about something worthwhile to write about next time.

And up there, like a dot, you got me, shaking in my knees and wanting to get down. But I made it, ungracefully.

Here is the quote for the day: To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.


  • Susan Herrera says:

    Oddny, I so love your writing. I’m so glad that a little thing like not being bombarded by requests to advertise on your blog or publish your writing don’t stop you from doing it! What a beautiful analogy for hiding our imperfection. And what a wonderful thing to have a friend that you can just be honest & real with. We all need that but few of us find it. We continue to pray for you & Steve. Much love to you all. Susan P.S. my gum went on the bedpost so I could resume chewing it in the morning. I could make a stick of gum last for days. What does that say about me?

  • Rick Granger says:

    I love reading your writings! Thanks for sharing the underside of your table with all of us – it’ll be our secret from the proverbial grand-ma! And if you ever get contacted by that huge publisher, send ’em my link!

  • lynnie says:

    where is Steve’s helmet on those rocks…………. Forever a worried Mom

  • Wendy says:

    Hey Oddny,
    Love reading your stuff – please don’t stop! Puts a smile on my face when I read your spin on things 🙂