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Does God care about science books?

Even without a science book Kristin is never alone. She has a lot of soft friends helping her with her homework.

Something so cool happened this morning. Mornings are, as you know, challenging. Getting ready for work and school, fixing lunches, finding the erasers, packing the PE bag—it causes stress, even for the dog. In our house right now there are added elements of stress: The stuff is still in boxes, and we don’t always remember which boxes.

Kristin’s science book has been missing for a week and this is crisis of mega dimensions. Kristin likes her teacher so much, and she feels like a worthless human being when she forgets stuff. It causes her anxiety. Lots of it. So we have been turning boxes upside down and looked through every pile in the house looking for the missing science book. I have sent SMSes and notes to the teacher, letting her know that Kristin is not a bad person, and this is not just her fault. The teacher says she understands totally. She has moved houses too.

But still, Kristin has gone to bed in tears twice because the book is gone. It has disappeared like Atlantis, it appears. I found other things while looking for her book: My journal from 1992, Steve’s jacket, some spoons and other useful stuff. Just not the thing I was looking for.

Then, in desperation, we decided to pray. We prayed that Jesus would help us find the book.

This morning, while all of us were running around like headless chickens (except Steve; he was reading about WWII) Kristin put her lunch box in her backpack. And there. On top of all her books it was. The science book.

It was there and looked like it had always been there. No scratches on the front cover, no missing pages, no stains. It was 100% healthy.

We were speechless. How did it get there? Nobody knows. We concluded that either Jesus put it there during the night, or her teacher did at school yesterday. Kristin walked out the door with a smile on her face and said: I kind of hope it was Jesus.

I do to, but I want to rationalize. I want a logical explanation. I also think of something Naomi said: (Always listen when Naomi says something. She usually see things the way they really are) So are you suggesting that Jesus cares more about giving Kristin her book back than for example helping us sell our house (we need to sell our old house really, really badly, and we have been praying we will)?

It’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer. I don’t understand how prayer works. It seems sporadic and random. Why are some prayers answered and others not? Do you know?


  • Lynsey says:

    I am not saying I know anything about God 🙂 I do believe that God is a God of perfect timing… he knew that Kristin needed that science book…he knew that her heart and self esteem were important…so if was miracled into the bag by himself or her teacher it doesn’t really matter…it was an answer to prayer that you all needed to see… same with your house…it will sell in HIS timing…is the book more important to God??? I don’t think its a matter of more or less important… but rather timing..maybe there is a family in need of your house, and it won’t sell until they get it? Maybe there are other things God is lining up… perhaps you were asking a rhetorical question…but we have been thinking about very similar things in our family lately too! 🙂

  • Rick Granger says:

    I absolutely believe that Kristin is more important than selling a house – and if a Science book was the miracle enough for her, than that’s PERFECT!

    As Lyns alluded to, we’re also in dire need of our house selling, so I’m not just saying any of this as a cliché!

    I am so excited for your family’s little Science Book Miracle!!!!!!!

  • lynnie says:

    My granddaughter is so cute. I love that she loves stuffed dolls. I would have sent her one for Christmas or Easter. I am missing it all. You are such a beautiful family and rarely come here, and I miss you all so much. Kristen is so grown up now…………..I am glad she found her science book. Hooraay!!!!!!!