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When is cool cool and when is it not?

Some extremely cool teenagers.

I have teenagers. I am the mother of two teenagers. Who would have ever thought that would happen? Well, I guess it is inevitable when you become a mom. Babies eventually turn into teens.

I love my two teenagers and all the stuff they teach me. How to do my hair, what music I need to listen to, new words and how to wear my Converses. They are a lot of fun, and I am kind of glad to have kids I can talk to about politics, faith and history. So much more stimulating than talking about Big Bird and Cinderella.

One thing becomes painfully evident around teenagers though: One shall not be different. One shall not stick out in any way. One shall be cool. And the mass decides what is cool.

One day I was told that carrots in the lunch box is out. Don’t know why. It’s just out. It’s not cool.

It upsets me a little that my own kids are so keen on following the masses. Dare to be different! I challenge them. You be the trend-setters, and make the trend something positive! They mostly just roll their eyes.

I have thought some about the effort that goes into being cool and how stressful it is to be a teenager, wanting so desperately to fit in. Then I thought about how we all try so hard to be cool. It turns out that you don’t only want to fit in with the crowds when you are a teen. In your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and nineties you do as well.

Trying to fit in and to be cool becomes such a burden for us. It holds us back and keeps us from growing and feeling free. Think about it! It takes a ton more courage to dare not to be cool. I want my kids to see that, but I also want to learn that lesson well myself.

I know some people that are so nerdy they are cool. Now that takes some courage and self confidence.

So here is to: Let’s all try to be a little less cool for the rest of the week.

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