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What made yesterday so spooky?

Here are some really weird things that happened yesterday:

Steve was in bed waiting for me to finish his pancakes and a bird flew into our room.

Steve and I were sharing at an outdoors meeting by a lake and a three-year-old boy came running behind our friend Egil with an axe. (Nothing happened, Egil gently took the axe away from him in the middle of Steve’s sermon.)

Our dog, Bob Marley, didn’t eat his daily dose of dandelions. (This was because he wasn’t outside as much as usual.)

If it's EVER warm enough to be outside in shorts we spend as little time as possible inside the house. It is a huge waste of the warm weather.

It got sunny and warm and we could sit outside in short sleeves and shorts and not freeze.

I met somebody who has been supporting Partners for years and it wasn’t until this morning I realized that it was him.

I opened our fridge and there were almost no vegetables there. Not even tomatoes.

Our kids went to church willingly, and they rode their bicycles there.

Kristin wanted to go to bed when it was bedtime.

Our Latvian friends did not go fishing all day although it was Sunday.

I got only three emails.

I sat down to read a novel although there was a lot of stuff that needed to be done.

Steve went for a run. (I did too, but this is not spooky, it’s normal)

Kids did the dishes with a good attitude, and wiped down the kitchen counter without being asked to.

Am I the only one who is a little freaked out about yesterday? Seriously, what got into me? Reading a novel when the kitchen was such a mess?

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