Jun 13 2 Comments

Time without any purpose

At Partners we play a lot. Here are some creations from our last staff retreat. Play=fun=happy people.

Kristin had two friends over today. They played all day. Some of their playing left messes in my house. They had made something that resembled cookies in my kitchen, and there are chocolate stains on the frying pan and on the fish sauce bottle. When the day ended for Kristin the dirty clothes were off, the face was washed, her teeth brushed, leaving no traces of ice cream and cookies. “It was such a fun day,” she smiled content and happy. “I really enjoyed today.”

Some days I wish I could be more like a child myself and spend the days without a worry, without any concerns at all, except: What shall we do next?

I read an article the other day that talked about play. You can read it here too. I like the definition: Play is time spent without any purpose. When playing we lose track of time. How many times a week do we spend time without any purpose, simply doing what we want to do just because we enjoy it? Like Kristin and her friends did today. They were not concerned with a to-do-list, any deadlines, the benefits of that particular game, about how what they were doing was going to affect them in the future. They thought not of that, but of how to enjoy the day to it’s fullest.

I have a lot to learn from kids and I intend to start playing more. Not everything I do needs to have a purpose. Not everything I do needs to serve as a means to an end. Some things I do, I can do simply because it is fun. Where should I start? With a sand castle or by getting on a swing?

Anybody wants to come and make clay sculptures with me? Or have a water fight?