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As the leaves change colors and the weather grows cold, I will think of this

The summer of 2011 is kind of officially over. On the main highways there were lines of cars, all going back home after the summer vacations last night. We are like this in Norway—we all take lots of time off to enjoy the summer with the long, light nights and the warm weather.

Now it’s time to get back to a routine, to start exercising and eating right, to get up in the mornings, long before 9. I guess it will feel kind of nice.

The summer of 2011 will leave me with these memories:

Our 5 star hotel

Riding our bicycles on the coast, finding beautiful spots for our tent and experiencing that the tent was indeed waterproof.

Eating the year’s first strawberries from Norway.

Waiting for the weather to get warm.

Listening to the radio in the mornings, with the same program that I listened to as a child: Reiseradioen.

Waiting for the weather to get warm.

Driving to the south of Norway to attend a festival that we had heard about for years.

Cooking together in the rain? That strengthens community.

Experiencing incredible fellowship with lots of other Christians as passionate and half crazy as ourselves. Cooking, eating, talking, playing and surviving the most rain I have ever experienced while sleeping in our tents.

Realizing that our tent is super-waterproof.

Watching our girls play with new friends.

The numb feeling in my gut as I watched the news, heard the stories, saw the photos of the 77 people who were brutally massacred in the worst act of terror that has happened in Norway since WWII.

Being glued to the news, crying, thinking, mourning with a whole nation.

Wondering how the victims’ families are able to cope.

Wishing I could do more.

Sending Steve to Burma to deal with a new refugee crisis.

Thinking about how we can help the thousands of new refugees.

Trying to understand the needs and the devastation of the world around me without getting depressed.

Swimming at midnight. It was not warm water.

Going for a late night swim in the ocean with Naomi.

Waiting for warm weather.

Getting about three days of warm weather.

Having friends over that could sit on our balcony watching the ocean and the sunset.

Eating wild raspberries, wild strawberries and wild blueberries on the same walk almost daily.

Walking barefoot.

Getting a tan that made me look chocolate milk colored rather than milk colored.

Going for a hike on my birthday.

Not reading 1% of what I had hoped I would read.

Sleeping until I felt like getting up.

Staying up until I felt like going to bed.

Reading the newspaper while eating breakfast outside.

Wanting the summer to last a little longer.

Roasting hotdogs on the fire was SO yesterday

It has been a good summer, a cold summer, a warm summer, a sad summer, a happy summer, a lonely summer and a summer when I have felt like I have some really good friends. It has been a summer where I again realized how frail our lives, how frail our security. It has been a summer where I have been reminded to appreciate every day and make the most out of it.


  • Rick says:

    Wow, what a post. It makes me feel like I enjoyed your summer too!

  • Afsal Ismail says:

    That’s quite an accomplished summer. I wish I could make a list of all the cool things I did this summer but I could probably do that with just the fingers on one hand. I guess this summer was a let done for me :/
    Glad you enjoyed yours though!

  • dilldall says:

    Sometimes I wonder how I can survive in this country….too cold, too short summer, too busy, too lonely.
    Somtimes I understand why I enjoy living in this country… So cool, so light summer night, so peacful, so many friends.
    Thanks you for sharing 🙂

  • Gena says:

    This was such a good blog. Our summer here in Fairbanks was exactly like your summer. We had too much rain and not enough warm days. But we had long summer nights with lots of good friends. We had so few sunny days that mushrooms grew everywhere on the lawn and all over the pastures. But our vegetable garden was overwhelming and I wished we could send all the extras to those who had none. We are getting close to winter and the cold and the dark but I know we will have food.
    I never try to complain about doing dirty dishes because it means we are eating. So many would love to wash dirty dishes but have no food.