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The benefit of blueberries

My bank account is anything but fat. In fact, I think it is anorexic. Still I think I am rich. One of the luxuries I get to enjoy is walking into the forest just minutes away from our house to pick wild blueberries. I have picked many pails full since I found my own secret spot. They are big, juicy, give me blue fingers and are full of antioxidants. I feel myself getting healthy while I pick them. Honest truth.

While picking the berries I enjoy the luxury of quiet. I only hear the birds singing, sending messages back and forht about what to bring on their journey back to southern Spain where they will spend winter. For me it is a time to reflect and to dream.

Naomi doesn't have the newest iPod, but she has free blueberries.

Next to me you will find our dog, Marley. He loves blueberries. Like a cow eating fresh grass in the spring, he is bent over the blueberry patches, chowing it down. He frequently makes it over to my patch and starts eating where I was picking. “Go away, sucker!” I say, and point in the direction of some dried raspberry bushes. But mostly we stay friends and enjoy each other’s company.

I looked through a children’s book today that is about being thankful.With great illustrations it lists all the things we have to be thankful for. A good reminder in a time when we are mostly concerned with talking about what we don’t have, and not focusing on what we have.

I don’t have a new car, and won’t be able to afford one until I win a lottery. I don’t have the coat that I think I need, and it seems like I won’t afford it until it goes on sale because it is out of style. I don’t have a boat and a cabin and a leather sofa. But I have free blueberries in the forest, a closet full of clothes, a car that runs and a house that keeps me dry, warm and comfortable. And when I think of it, I don’t need any more stuff. But I would like some more berries in the freezer for the long winter to come.

I think I will take my dog and my pail and go for a walk to the forest.

Kristin after a day in the forest


  • Linda Busklein says:

    This is so true! To think that people will line up at 5 a.m. and trample over each other to get a free VCR on the day after Thanksgiving, but there is hardly a soul in the forest collecting the best free stuff. Well, all the more for us!

  • Maureen says:

    I’m sad! I just paid $3.00 for a tiny little plastic container of blueberries. I love blueberries! I put them in my oatmeal. But I can only afford them once in a while. I’m so jealous of free blueberries!!!

  • Elizabeth L. Baker says:

    Hi Oddny….loved your blueberry post. Picking wild blueberries is one of my favorite summer things in Alaska! I just made BB jam day before yesterday. I love sitting in the moss, looking at the lichen and labrador tea as I pick….ahhhh…summer. As I left the BB patch July 23rd I stumbled on the road to the car and dislocated my right index finger at the middle knuckle! Those turned out to be expensive blueberries.

    We read someplace that wild blueberries have four times the antioxidents as commercial blue berries 🙂

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth. Yes, I remember your BB jam very well. I am too lazy to make jam. Instead I just put the berries in the freezer and use them throughout the winter. Looking forward to seeing you soon.