Oct 9 5 Comments

A cold with a hangover

Notice Marley's smile. He is happy his mummy is back.

Here are some things I have learned today:

Jetlag is a real condition. It feels like a combination of a hangover and a cold. Pretty miserable.

I have too many clothes. I have spent the day unpacking my suitcase, and, lo and behold, my closet was already full. With my new outfits that I inherited from a friend in the US and accidentally bought at REI, there is a slight shortage of space. The solution: Move the summer clothes to a different venue and I have space for more.

Norway is colder than Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota in October. Makes me miss Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota.

When I go and buy groceries for the week in Norway I spend 170 dollars. That is a lot more than I would spend in other countries. (Mind you, I did not buy fillet mignon, wine or imported cheese, just TP, flour, veggies, bananas, microwave popcorn and that kind of stuff.)

Even though the floors were spotless and clean yesterday, they got dirty today.

Kids haven’t necessarily learned how to pick up after themselves even though mom has been gone for three weeks.

Kristin got new shorts, t-shirt, socks and soccer ball from America. She did not care that it was only 5 degrees Celsius (40 F) outside.

Burma hasn’t changed much even though I was gone for three weeks.

I came back too late to pick the cranberries in the forest.

One needs a scarf when going outside in October.

I take crappy photos.

Our dog Marley loves me so much he dances to make sure I know. It is the truth.

Jetlag is real (like I already said).


  • Rick says:

    I know it’s “just” home for you, but Norway sounds just like what the Dr. ordered! For EVERYONE!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Paradee Quinley says:

    1. Agreed. jetlag is real. I hate it.

    2. I have too many clothes and you have inspired me to purge.

    3. Thailand is hotter and wetter in October than most places in the world. I want to sit at your dining room table (love the photo) in October one day and wear a scarf.

    4. Food is cheap in Thailand (unless I buy wine and imported cheese ~ my weakness)

    5. An impeccable house is boring.

    6. Kids need gently nudging to pick up in Thailand too.

    7. I believe Burma will fall like the Berlin Wall one day.

    8. I will come visit Norway early enough to pick cranberries with you.

    9. Our golden retriever loves me so much I have to hold his hand while I watch a movie.

    10. You take wonderful photos. Don’t stop.

    I love you and your blogs, and REI.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Kim, I sat with my coffee and musli, overlooking the ocean today and thought about you! I would love to have you here with us. We would have so much fun. And Marley would be happy to hold your hand while we watched a movie. Thanks for very fun comments. It’s nice to know I have a kindred spirit in Bangkok.

  • Val Trina says:

    Hi Oddny! I love the photo of Kristin playing frigid soccer. The grass is so green it looks just like summer. I wish we could have been on your route during your U.S. tour. It’s often nice to live off the beaten path but the downside of Montana is that it’s not on the way to anywhere. Friends from afar are never passing through. Holly, Janie and I miss you guys.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      I know, Val. We just talked about you and wished we could see you too. How are you and what is going on? Life is passing so quickly. Kristin will soon be ten, and Holly too.