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Put on your armor when walking in the storm.

Wear your armor in the snow storm!

After writing blogs for more than a year now, I feel like I must be repeating myself a lot. Basically, I don’t have that many new and original ideas. It mostly goes in the same issues. Same, same, but different, as they say in Vietnam.

So what I have to say today is not original by no means. So feel free to stop reading.

It is a windy, rainy, sleety, cold(y), nasty, autumny day here by the Polar circle. I don’t care what they say, it’s not particularly cozy. Even with a fire burning, a dramatic view from the living room, a dry house, a good book to read, chamomile tea and slippers,  I don’t think it is cozy to sit inside and look at the crazy weather outside. It makes me cold to look at it. And it messes up the floors when the dog goes outside. (Which he has had to do on his own the last couple of days. “You are on your own,” I say and slam the door shut before the wind grabs a hold of our furniture.)

But today I started feeling a little crazy from all the inside air. I thought that going for a walk wasn’t going to kill me even if it may be a bit uncomfortable. Another issue was that I needed a break from my kids. Don’t tell them.

It’s only October, so it is not even close to the kind of cold we will be having in a couple of months. But let me share what I put on before taking the dog out for a walk in the dark and gloomy night: A smart-wool short-sleeved shirt, a cotton long-sleeved shirt, a lamb-wool sweater, cotton tights, water & wind proof pants, a rain/wind shell, a thick head-band, gloves, a reflective vest and my hiking booths. By the time I was ready I felt like I was boiling. Marley and I went outside. It was dark. It was windy. It rained a little. It was cold. And it was…surprisingly refreshing. As we walked I felt myself feeling happier and happier. The cold air felt good. The wind played in my hair. The rain drops refreshed me. The dark made the world feel eternal. We walked a lot longer than we planned, Marley and me.

When I got inside again I was a lot happier.

I thought:

1. I will do this more often, even if the weather sucks. Who decides what good and bad weather is?

2. Just like Paul speaks about the armor in Ephesians, I needed my armor on tonight when I went walking. Without the right clothes, the trip would have been miserable. But dressed right, it was pleasurable. In life it is just the same. Wear the right armor and be prepared for any situation, even a storm. And chances are that when you face the storm dressed in your armor, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after the storm.

The wisdom of the day.

(I still hope for a few more sunny days though. Don’t misunderstand me.)

This is us a week ago. There is actually a mountain behind us. It was such bad weather that we were the only ones outside. We had a blast.

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