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Want to read a blog by lip glossed Gunndis?

My kids are a product of their world. Which means they spend countless hours doing brainless activities on the computer.

I asked them today at dinner why they want to give the time of day to some of the bloggers they read. They read blogs written by teenage girls who hardly can spell their names, and whose main interest in life is how to look good and plan what to wear. This they will write about.  They will write a whole blog about their favorite lipgloss and they will say that the best thing in life is a hair straightener. They will tell you, on the blog, what they wore to school that day and why. They will use language that is so unsophisticated and uneducated that you would think they just barely graduated from second grade.

One of Norway's most popular bloggers. She writes about things like shoes and boys.

This, my girls read. The daughters of a woman who reads classic literature and who read a book on the politics of Eastern Europe for fun when I was in high-school. Needless to say, I am not impressed with my kids choice of literature.

Why do you give them the time of day? I asked, hands in the air. These girls don’t deserve your attention. The answer I got: Because it is brainless.

They said that brainless activity is great as long as one enjoys it. They said that good times are not wasted times (which I agree with. But how can reading about a 15-year olds toiletry bag choice be defined as good times?)

So I am on a mission. I will bribe my kids. Fair and square. I will pay them good money for every book they read. The catch is: It has to be a book recommended by mom. Oh, boy. Dostojevski for teens, perhaps.

Why not read something by him instead. As far as I can remember, he too writes about shoes and boys.

We did talk about this for a while. Then we moved on to talking about Norwegian names. You see, they are different. Blond straight hair and lip glossed lips or not. You have to admit that somebody with the name Gunndis needs a break. Or how about Ingull and Kristlaug? The boys may be called common names such as Arnfinn, Eilert, Gulbrand og Oddvar. But some are also called good, old viking names like Lodmund, Valbjørn and Øyfred.

A little cultural lesson here. In blogging, reading and naming.

One of my all-time favorite books. It has suspense, poetic language, surprises, a good plot and good style. The bear may have been named Lodmund.


  • Rick says:

    Oh my. I was more of a nerd too – read a lot of history books on the American West and America’s Vietnam War. We pay our kids to read too. In fact, we pay ’em for good grades. ANYTHING to keep them performing well. I’d rather have smart kids and empty pockets than the alternative. : )

  • Jean Clink says:

    I just signed up for your newsletter. I really appreciate your care for those who suffer immeasurably on a daily basis. Not many have a stomach for such considerations, so please be encouraged. I also enjoyed ‘taking a walk’ with you as well. God bless you. Jean.