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Living the low-carb life

Life can be a balancing act

You got to wonder about the world we live in. There are 7 billion of us now, and I know only a few. Many of us think we are living in the center of the world and spend most of our time thinking about, worrying about, and figuring out how best to make ourselves happy and handsome.

About one billion of us are wondering if there will be anything to eat tomorrow. Some of us are not worried about whether there will be food to eat, but whether we should jump on the low-carb band wagon or not. Some of us have the luxury of saying: “No, thanks, I don’t eat bread. But a cup of cottage cheese would be great.”

Some of us don't know that Burma supposedly is a democracy. This girl from Kachin state doesn't know. But she knows the government destroyed her home and her village.

Some of us are living in Burma, and we are not aware that Burma is now a democracy. The reason we don’t know this is that the government troops are still raping, torturing and killing our people. They are also still destroying our homes and livelihoods.

Some of us are thinking that things are going so well in Burma now that we should reward the leaders for their great effort in making the country democratic. Let’s reward them by doing business with them, giving them lots of money, some of us say.

Some of us are more worried about what to wear tomorrow than how to make life easier for children who have no blankets, and no penicillin when they get pneumonia.

Some of us are very tired and looking forward to going to sleep in a dark, cold room, in a bed with blankets made with down. Some of us are tired and are going to sleep on the jungle floor, surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and the darkness of the night.

It is a world full of unfair advantages and disadvantages.

I am one of the ones who can afford to think of myself first, buy myself some clothes to fit my style, choose a diet, a hobby, a career. I can choose to turn my ears away when the plight of the oppressed is mentioned. I can live the low-carb life and never know that there was another way to live.

Lucky me.