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This world is messed up

My problem is that so much is happening all the time that I can’t find the time to write blogs. In my head I am blogging all the time. The problem is that I am the only one reading those brain blogs.

There is a butter crisis in Norway. There is no butter here and people are getting into fights about butter, others are selling the yellow stuff for way too much money on the black market. Some people are complaining that Norwegians are deprived. The government is not able to feed us. I want to send those butter-loving spoiled brats to a refugee camp!  The war is still going on in Burma, despite what the media and the nation’s leaders try to tell you. They teach sex for teenagers in national TV, during the time of day when families with young kids watch TV. They say sex has nothing to do with love. You are not allowed to wear a Santa’s hat at one school because the principal said it discriminates the children of different faiths. You certainly cannot talk about the birth of Jesus in public settings because that is very offensive and totally intolerant. People are on a low carb diet which means eating lots of butter and bacon and skipping the bread and porridge. Kids get free computers at school and feel violated when the teacher is able to watch what sites they surf during classes. The kids in Kachin state have to go to school in a run-down storage building and have no paper to write on. The world is discussing climate change, but none is willing to make lifestyle changes. The polar bears are dying.

The world’s worst dictator died. He has the lives and deaths of millions on his conscience and is responsible for unimaginable terror. People are falling over on sidewalks, crying for their great leader. Vaclav Havel died. A year ago I was in his office and marveled at his cool style in interior decorating. One of the world’s greatest leaders is gone. It is almost Christmas and my daughter says she doesn’t know if she believes in Jesus. It is almost Christmas and I spend more time shopping for gifts, baking, cleaning and stressing than time contemplating His birth and the circumstances around it.

What a messed up world we live in! How weird humans are, giving all our energies to trifles and forgetting about the essentials.

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  • Melissa says:

    Amen Sista! You nailed it. Pretty messed up that I can’t just sit down and have a cup of tea with you. Miss you. Love you. Merry Christmas.