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Click. Suddenly you have clicked yourself in the head.

Ideally this is how we would travel to people's houses. In real life we drive cars and it is windy, rainy dark and cold.

Here in Norway it is still Christmas. Middle Christmas, we call it. That is the time between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. During Middle Christmas we mostly go to people’s houses and eat, or people come to our house and eat. The exception is when we go for the occasional walk or run. Or, like today, when our family decided we needed a break from all the socializing and eating. We just stayed at home and didn’t invite a soul.

We get together and eat, laugh and are jolly. Kind of like the seven dwarfs and Snow-white

We watched a cool movie together tonight. It made all the girls in the family cry, and the man, well, I am not sure if he had to wipe a tear or two too. The movie was called Click, and Adam Sandler was the main guy. You should watch the movie. It is worth it, and it will teach you some new cuss words too. I am not sure how you will feel about that. I thought it was pretty funny. Maybe it is because I am irreverent.Maybe it is because I am not a native English speaker. I do think the movie will make you laugh though, even if you don’t care for the cussing. That is my personal opinion. But more than that, it will teach you to live your life now, and not to fast forward it all the time. It will remind you about what really matters, and how easy it is to rush through life, forgetting that all those small moments will never come back.

I was massaging Kristin’s feet while we were watching the movie. She was not feeling good tonight. I was looking at her and wondering where the ten years have gone since I held her in my arms the first time. I thought about how nothing is more important to me than to let my kids know that they mean more to me than anything else. Elise is turning 16 next month and in some cultures she would be married off by now. I just want to hold on to her, lock her into a room and make sure I have full control over her life. I, of course, do know that is not the way to raise a teenager. I just wish I knew where the balance was between locking her up and letting her go to wild and crazy parties where there are guys and other scary stuff.

To learn what is going on inside my teenager's head. That is more important than email.

Click. And our lives may be over. Click. And we are sitting at a retirement home looking back at our lives. Click. And we will wonder if we missed it by spending too much time on things that don’t really matter, and too little time on what does.

Click. And I am turning the computer off, leaving it alone while I go and tuck my kids in. It is Middle Christmas and during Middle Christmas it is the people that matter. The people and the food. And when you think of it, what is the fun with the food if one cannot enjoy it with people?


  • Ingebjørg says:

    I like the blog too.

  • billiesgirl says:

    I loved that movie..and how true it is that our lives pass by so quickly. I am sitting here in my very quiet home, with no sound but the occasional click of my dogs’ toenails on the wood floor. So quiet…Christmas has come and gone, and with it the sounds of excited chatter, dishes clanging, laughter, music….smells of turkey, hot chocolate, good coffee, cinnamon rolls. Cassie drove back home to Austin, Emily and Jason and baby Wyatt returned to their home in Carrollton, and Kevin jetted off to New York to continue Occupying Wall Street. The lights on the Christmas tree are silently blinking, illuminating the dozens of ornaments that chronicle our lives…..”Baby’s First Christmas”, “First Christmas Together”, a Thai hilltribe doll, a heart with the AIDS ribbon on it….all reminders that time, indeed, passes much too quickly. There are many more adventures and memories to be made in the future, but, we need to open our eyes to the now, drink it in, savor it, and make the kind of memories together that will make us look back and smile. I’m pretty sure your family is doing just that. Love, love, love the Gumaers…

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thanks, Carol. I can’t even fathom that Kevin and Emily are adults now and that one is a mother and the other one is a Occupy er. I saw your photos on Facebook and your grandson is sooo cute. You must love being a grandma. Yes, we all have many memories, but let’s not only live in the past. Have a happy new year.

  • Mike says:

    Good reminder that our lives really are short and pass swiftly. Technology grabs my attention easily, often at the cost of real relationships.

  • Rebecca Angell says:

    May God’s love surround you at Christmas & guide you through the coming year. Sounds like a card because it came from a card. All is well @ the Angell’s. Bill, Rebecca and Christine. ps I like the term and activities for Middle Christmas.