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Why so afraid of Jesus?

Some people in Norway are named Jesus, I read in the paper today. They are all immigrants from different parts of the world. I would feel really funny being called Jesus myself. Like I thought I was somebody.

But that people are named Jesus doesn’t concern me as much as the fear of Jesus in this country. I am serious. People are afraid of Jesus. And the fear is not only a Norwegian fear. It seems to be spreading.

Why can’t we talk about him in public? Why can’t the children know why we celebrate Christmas? Why do we have to call the season a holiday only, or, like many do in Norway, a winter fest? Why are so many people offended when his name is brought up in any public setting, but it is, for example, totally OK to speak about Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. I recently was made aware that even the national calendar association is not putting the explanation of Christian holidays on the calendars anymore. Instead there will be such things as: “The witches come out of hiding,” on Christmas day, and: “The bears wake up,” on Easter Day. Why are people so afraid to mention Jesus?

It can’t be because they don’t believe he lived. Everybody knows he did.

Is it because of what he said? I think that must be it. He talked about loving your enemies. He talked about sharing with the poor. He talked about loving the children, about caring for widows, about forgiveness. He talked about being a servant of all and about respecting one another. He talked about loving your neighbor as yourself and about doing to others what you would want them to do for you.

I think that must be why we are not allowed to talk about him. That kind of talk is OFFENSIVE! Why should our children be forced to hear about a man who said and did such insulting things?

He didn’t just talk. He DID too.  He gave status to women. He healed the sick. He showed mercy. He fed the hungry. He touched the lepers. He hang out with the losers. He lived simply. He didn’t own a mansion.

Who would want their kids to follow an example like THAT? I mean, let them follow Justin Beaver, or was it Bieber, or Miley Cyrus instead. They are so innocent in all their wealth and plastic smiles.

Then he (Jesus) got killed in the most brutal way because he said he loved us. He loved people so much he was willing to die for them.

I have to admit that THAT is a bit hard to relate to. Who does that? But even though we don’t understand everything he said and everything he did, do we need to pretend like he didn’t and that he doesn’t exist? Why is it wrong for us to bring up the name of a man who willingly gave his life for others? Is it because we afraid he will require something from us and we are too comfortable to give anything up? Is that it?

Then he said he was the son of God, and that he would live forever. And that he could forgive sins. OK, those are all hard things to understand. Even for me. But again, just because we don’t understand something, do we need to shut up about it? Seriously? Do you understand nuclear reactors? But we can still talk about them, and we can still believe in them.

If people are so sure that Jesus is a hoax, then why so afraid to mention his name? Why so afraid that people have to hear about him?  I have no problem with my kids reading fairytales. I know they are fairytales and so do my kids. So why are the doubters not letting their kids even be exposed to the name of Jesus. Who are they afraid of?

Why are people so afraid of Jesus? Why can we go on and on about Michael Jackson, who quite frankly was rather odd, but we are not allowed to speak about the most amazing human being who ever lived?

The world is weird. And why is it that we put up with it?

I think I am going to make 2012 my Yes to Jesus year.


  • Kimberly Paradee Quinley says:

    Again. GREAT blog post! You always hit the nail on the head. Big hugs and love from Bangkok.

  • Laurie Thomsett-Murphy says:

    I think that you are spot on, Oddny….People ARE afraid of Jesus….I believe that may be because of how “religion” has tried to “force feed” it’s man-made rules and regulations down peoples throats for so many years…How man himself has taken the beauty of the relationship with Jesus and turned it into his own lofty pedestal. I find it so very sad. I am a new believer, quite frankly, but only because I was able to find a place and a Pastor that could “assist” me on my path to creating a better relationship with Jesus and God. I wasn’t given hell, fire and brimstone, I wasn’t given ultimatums…I was given love and acceptance for my misconceptions and for my learning curve on the Principles of Jesus.

    You see, I have always known in my heart that there is a God….I have also always known about Jesus, but I too was afraid. I was afraid of the commitment that many churches require of their members…the forcefulness into which they place you as a newcomer or un-educated in the words of the Lord. I was embarrassed that I wasn’t “as smart” as those others who had grown up in the church and therefore had a better grasp at what to do, how to feel, how to behave. I saw many things that were hypocritical to the ways of the bible. Say one thing on Sunday and then behave like a heathen all the rest of the week. I had no faith in a “religion” that allowed for that. In so many cases, hypocrisy rules, and that is so sad. If only most people could understand that Jesus isn’t something that you memorize and practice at on occasion. Jesus is a way of life, the true way to living, without regret, without hurt, without denial…He is the way to easing your pain, clearing away your regrets, moving you through your denials. It is only in the relationship, as a friend, as a comrade, as someone you truly and deeply love and care for, that you’ll find the means to a happy and fruitful life.

    Jesus doesn’t really ask much of us…but most of us are afraid that we’ll get caught up in the ritualistic paths that so many churches take these days. No room for exception, compassion, and understanding. We live in a very different world and God and Jesus would want us to take them along as we change…they can show us the way, the positive reinforcing way. I have found a church that works on love, compassion, and helping your fellow man….to walk as Jesus does. Regardless of what a person looks like, where they come from, how they dress, what their hair color is…what is outside, is no necessarily what is on the inside and as humans we must learn to accept and step out of the box…allow our minds to grow and squash our “judgements”. I believe that those that are afraid of Jesus have never had the warm, loving experience of having him as their friend. They are so accustomed to “bible thumpers” who have the bible memorized, down pat, know all the answers, and only answer your questions with a bible verse…..No!! That is NOT the way to peoples hearts…Allow them to recognize and to see in those that do have a relationship with the Lord, how wonderful it can be…Acceptance is the first challenge….it’s a beginning, it’s a foot in the door….If we can love one another, always, through good, bad, and ugly…perhaps others will be able to follow suit…..but as long as we allow other “Christians” to spew ugliness and cast judgement on others…it will be a long hard battle.

    I will not stop in talking about my best friend, my Lord Jesus….I will tell everyone, everywhere….because it is good and I have faith that somehow I’ll get through, with patience, tolerance, and love…..just as Jesus did. I have seen much in this short life of mine….and I can only surmise that the Lord has something important for me to do….if this is it, then I’m ready….Let me tell the world about , my love. Jesus.

    Thanks for listening to me blather on and on….I’ll step down from the soap box now and let someone else speak…

    Amen sister…Amen….XOXOXO

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Laurie, True words, and spoken with passion too. I agree, and I think many would. It is us, the Christians, who have messed up, making it so the world is afraid of Jesus. That is sad, and many miss out because of this. Many non-believers as well as believers. I am glad that you have found a relationship with Jesus, a church family to belong to and a pastor that seems like a great person. One day we will meet in person and I want to hear more about your new-found faith.
      Thanks for sharing so openly and for taking the time to be honest.

  • Poor argument. says:

    When you expressed ” Everybody knows he did”, you made a falacy: No one knows for sure if jesus lived, because the books in the bible that mention him, were written many years after his dead. Also many of his traist are common with other holy characters from other mythologies, so a physical jesus that matches the one in the bible is hard to take as 100% historical. Also, many gospels were left out so the church and the government could take advantage of believers who lack of insight to understand methaphorical language.

  • Mitch says:

    Jesus was an historical figure… far more source material about the life of Jesus that Plato for instance.