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Does English licorice mess with our memory?

Last night I decided: I will start living very healthily. I will stop eating English licorice even though there is a bowl of it on the top shelf of the cabinet. I will not have a beer, even if it is Friday or Saturday night. I will not justify eating chocolate every time I have exercised. I will not make sauces with lots of cream that mostly only one person in the family (ME) likes. I will not snack on potato chips while I am not drinking beer. And I will, as previously mentioned, not drink beer (except from s-o-m-e-t-i-m-e-s). I will never again buy frozen pizza to feed my kids. I will never again bake any kind of bread with less than 50% whole grain. I will drink lots of water. I will not start smoking.

I thought of this while finishing up some chips, the last sip of beer and some English licorice that was getting stale. Enough of this I thought.

Bad things are happening to me. It has to do with my phone.

I left it in the car when going to fly. I could not borrow somebody’s phone and call Steve to come back with it, because I did not remember his number. It was a real bad situation.

I dropped it and the front shattered and is looking like an iced-over water puddle that we step on in the beginning of winter before it gets really cold. This incident happened two days ago. And I don’t usually drop phones.I felt very distraught by this.

I left it in the grocery store somewhere last night and it is Sunday and the store won’t open until Monday, and I am afraid that some immigrant worker found it while they were cleaning the store and since they are underpaid they decided to keep it even though it has a shattered front. Since I find passwords annoying, my phone is not locked, and I am wondering what kinds of personal information I dumbly stored on it. I blush when I think of the SMSs to my husband. 🙁

My kids are out and about, and I can’t call them and they can’t call me and I don’t know when I need to pick them up.

A new phone costs more than I want to pay right now. I had secretly planned to buy a new dress.

So when I thought about the last week’s unfortunate incidents last night, I thought that maybe it is my diet that must change. If I stay very healthy I may also become sharp as a wit. I may at least be able to memorize my kids mobile numbers. I thought about starting doing cross word puzzles too, but that seems a little extreme, don’t you think?


  • Linda Busklein says:

    Hmmm. I am (sort of) avoiding beer and junk food because they are “inordinant attachments”, i.e. I use food for more than nourishment but as entertainment, a cure for boredom, etc. This is obvious from the fact I am 20 pounds overweight. Obviously I don’t really need all the “nourishment” I am getting.

    I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do without my phone though! I lost my phone and my keys one night and I was totally helpless. How did I live without a phone 15 years ago?

  • Rick says:

    When we live overseas we unplug. It’s freeing. We have a piece of $#!@ pre-paid phone to receive calls, that’s it. Even if you do find your phone, throw it away and replace it with a piece of $#!@. Food? Well… I can’t help you there. Beer is good for you. So is chocolate. They’re like getting a hug! They make your body release hug-hormones!!! I highly recommend you keep the licorice and frozen pizza too!
    : )

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Rick, I have seriously considered that myself. Getting a cheap $#!@ phone. But, here in the “civilized” world it is getting harder and harder. We use it for banking, for our plane tickets, and to check the weather. Yeah, you are right about the chocolate and beer. What was I thinking?

  • val says:

    Don’t do it Oddny! Giving up junk food and beer is a bad idea. Very bad. It won’t stop you from losing stuff. I promise. Just memorize Steve’s phone number and everything will be fine.

  • val says:

    p.s. You should still buy the dress.