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There is usually a good reason why I haven’t written

Dinner every night. With vegetables

These are some of the things I have done the last week:

I have carried lots of wood from way across the driveway. And this is no small task when the weather is something I thought I only read about in scary suspense books, wind, rain, snow, hail, darkness. And do not forget the rockhard ice on the ground. The ice is so shiny you can look down and see yourself.

I have made fires inside my house where it has been relatively cold in the mornings when I got up. One day it was 17 degrees and that calls for a roaring fire.

I have driven as far as to the North Pole and back with my kids. They are so busy with all their activities, and Steve and I kind of forgot about that when we chose to live on the other side of the world. I have gotten used to driving on all kinds of surfaces, and have heard quite a few new songs on the radio.

I have organized the Christmas cards we got for Christmas 2011 (Yes, smarty pants, we have taken out the Christmas tree already!)

I have sorted the garbage diligently although I have been tempted to cheat. One thing I don’t do though (although they tell us to): I don’t wash the baggies before throwing them in the plastic garbage. My commitment to the environment is strong, but not THAT strong.

I have made dinner for my kids every day. There were always fresh vegetables. Today we studied the benefits of each vegetable while we ate. I call the OCD. But did you know how great sweet potatoes actually are?

I passed six men slightly older than myself on skis. It almost killed me, but I broke my personal record. Nothing better to go fast on skis than six men chasing you.

I finally closed a bank account that I don’t know where came from. There was some money in the account too. Enough for groceries for a week.

I overcame Mt. Laundry. Again. I threw some of the sock without a mate away. I always find that hard to do, because as soon as you do that you will find the mate.

I finished reading a book with Kristin called Doctor Proktor’s farting powder. It was full of suspense and the bad guys lost and the good ones won. Lots of interesting way to deal with the bad guys too.

I went to a parent meeting. I asked a mother, for the fourth time, who her kid was.

I went to watch my daughter play in the theatre.

I cleaned the floors and the toilets after the theatre was over. It is a small price to pay for happy kids who are not out on the streets doing drugs.

I cleaned my own toilets. It has to be done.

I dusted the desk in my room.

I paid overdue bills.

I took the dog for walks every day. He loves me more than anybody. I understand why.

I did the dishes my kids should have done.

I picked up the stuff my kids should have picked up.

I practiced for my daughter’s geography test.

I corrected another daughter’s essay.

I helped figure out a third daughter’s math problems.

I ate too much chocolate and drank coffee too late at night.

I did not do all the stuff I had planned. Like writing blogs more often.

Wonder why.