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There are places in the world where one cannot write blogs.

There are places in the world where one cannot write blogs. Or, at least where one cannot post one’s blogs. Some of those places are:

Hard to write blogs there, under water.

  • A very simple hotel by an unknown beach in Thailand. They had nice coconut drinks there, but Internet as slow as deep-fried bugs they sold at the local market.
  • Our room at the conference center where Partners recently held our annual staff retreat. Our room was the furthest away, which made it quiet and private, but the Internet waves did not want to travel that far.
  • The former capital of Burma, Rangoon (or also called Yangon, since the then-military government decided to change the name of the capital as well as the name of the country itself. Later they also changed the capital. Military dictatorships have great freedoms.) Surprisingly there is Internet a lot of places in Rangoon. And even more surprisingly, they let you download almost anything, even websites critical to the political system in Burma. The problem, however, is that the Internet is so slow that by the time you get to download a page you have lost interest. And if I should have posted blogs, then I would have had to cancel all my important meetings because I would be stuck in my room.
  • My own home in Norway when I have just come back from a long trip and my kids, my husband, my dog, my friends and my laundry room need me.

    Dan and me. Dan dressed like a police man, me dressed like a homeschooling mom. Partners staff retreats are not quite like other staff retreats. Blog-writing is not considered an option during our days together.

I know you have been sitting there, staring at your computer, checking my blog and asked yourself what had happened to your favorite blog site. You maybe felt let down and depressed. Perhaps you felt that you deserve an explanation for my silence—for my absence. I want to say I am sorry for dropping the ball on my blog. It is unacceptable.

My excuses are above. From now on I don’t have those excuses any more. I am in Norway. There is Internet 24/7. There are no former dictators looking down my back. My kids, my husband and my dog will just have to learn that there are times during the day that I need to dedicate to writing my blog. The laundry can wait.

So, dear blog follower, don’t leave me now. Look here again tomorrow and the days to come. I will tell you about what it was like when I went to Burma legally, with a passport, a visa and five copies of my new book.

So long.



  • 616adventures says:

    I would never dream of it….and I can relate to the excuses above 😉

  • Taka says:

    Hi Oddny!
    I’m wondering if you can kindly give me a permission to use one of your photos from “We can not joy in Christmas Eve” post. (the one children are smiling 🙂 )
    I am currently helping a restaurant owned by a Kachin refugee in Japan. I’m trying to open a website for the restaurant and I thought it is better to introduce some of Kachin stories within the culture content page.

    peace and love


    • oddnygumaer says:

      Dear Taka, Yes, of course that would be OK> Thank you for asking. If you use it in anything that you publish, we just ask that you credit Partners Relief & Development. Thanks for what you do. Oddny

  • Val says:

    I missed you Oddny. Glad you’re back.
    Your usually silent but always faithful follower,

  • Rick says:

    Wow, legally… with a passport…
    Sounds interesting!