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44 reasons to like Steve

Today my husband Steve turns 44. Unfortunately for him, he is in Oslo and I am not. But I have thought about him a lot, if that counts, and promised him a party when he comes home. He is my best friend and there are a lot of reasons why. I just really like him, I guess. So finding 44 things to like about him was easy. I could have written 88 or 777 reasons, but I settled for the 44 first that came to my mind.

You may find it boring to read and that is OK too. You can stop reading at any time.


  1. He says things that make me laugh
  2. He has a cute nose
  3. He loves God
  4. He is a great Frisbee player
  5. He reads interesting books
  6. He motivates people
  7. He is committed
  8. He is very good when he speaks in public
  9. He dances with me

10. He is articulate

11. He has a cute laugh

12. He is a great dad

13. He gets things done

14. He is not afraid to try new things

15. He is a good rock climber

16. He can be very convincing

17. He is romantic

18. He can fix stuff

19. He can run far

  1. 20.  He gives good massages

21. He buys nice gifts

22. He likes incense

23. He lives for what is right and true

24. He is a good leader

25. He can build houses

26. He admits his mistakes

27. He downhill skis like a pro

28. He can carry stuff and lift stuff

29. He knows lots of trivia

30. He does not lie

31. He taught me to drive

32. He taught me to swim

33. He taught me to play tennis

34. He is the father of my daughters

35. He does off-road biking

36. He makes great fires

37. He looks cute when he rubs his eyes

38. He understands complicated stuff

39. He is forgiving

40. He doesn’t take himself too seriously

41. He can explain complicated stuff

42. He is patient

43. He likes to make our home pretty

44. He is my best friend




  • Myxl Dove says:

    All of those things are wonderful. But you know what stood out to me the most and really says a lot about Steve and your marriage? This part in particular… “…finding 44 things to like about him was easy. I could have written 88 or 777 reasons…” 🙂 I’m a huge advocate of healthy marriage, so thanks for sharing this. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Steve. 😉

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thank you for that encouraging note! I too am an advocate for healthy marriages, and am happy to set an example for others.And, Steve had a great birthday party when he came back home!

  • stevegumaer says:

    44 was my favorite one.

  • Laurie Thomsett-Murphy says:

    Happy 44th Birthday Steven….Love, Laurie

  • Laurie Thomsett-Murphy says:

    He also sounds exactly like his Dad….Pete….to the tee!!

  • Elizabeth Baker says:

    Please give our Happy Birthday greetings to Steve. I liked all 44 reasons and I’m sure they are true 🙂 We hosted Steve’s 18th BD dinner….where did the time go? Praise God for his life and ministry.