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We are stewards, not owners

There was an article in the newspaper today that I have been thinking about all afternoon. The journalist wrote about an interview with a very old woman who was among the richest in Norway. She was almost a hundred years old and she talked about when her brother once had carved his initials into a wooden table he had bought to have in his home. His parents reacted violently and said that you don’t ever take ownership over anything, even if you have paid for it. Nothing belongs to us, they said. We are just here to be the stewards.

Would we share more if we were just stewards?

I have wondered what would happen if we treated everything in our lives as if we were merely stewards, and not owners. If we acted like the stewards, not the owners of nature, would we exploit it the way we do? If we were stewards, not owners of our children’s lives, would that change things? If we were stewards, not owners of our homes, our closets of clothes, our furniture and nic-nac, would we behave differently?

I think I would, but how about you?


1 Comment