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When the love of Jesus gets hands and feet

I heard this story last week and I want to share it with you. It’s about an old man named Nok and some of our staff at Partners. It’s about being Jesus for one person. It’s about showing one person that he is loved. It’s about giving somebody their dignity back. It’s about some people I consider the biggest heroes of all!

Here is the story in words and pictures:

This is Nok’s house. He is a Shan man from Burma. A migrant worker.

Four years ago, Nok was working. He fell down from a roof, had a stroke and was never able to walk after that.

He has been on the floor of his hut for four years.

Our staff at Partners heard about this and decided to go and help him. They decided they wanted to do what Jesus would have done for this man. So they went to the market and bought the things they thought he would need. Then they drove all the way to Nok’s village.

This is Nok. He had not had a bath for four years. He had not changed his clothes nor cut his hair. He used a bottle to pee in, and whenever he was out of food he would yell until some neighbors came and threw him something to eat. The water he had been drinking was filthy. He laid on several mats that were soiled and stinky. The smell in his hut was so bad that even with masks on it was hard for our staff to breathe.

I-man, Emily, Sarah,Claire and Insorn gave him a bath.

They cut his hair.

They cut his nails.

They gave him a medical checkup 

They gave him new and clean clothes.

They fed him. They made sure he will get clean water delivered every day.

Then they talked to the village headman who said that the neighbors had watched our staff care for this man, and said that since they (our staff) could help him this way, they should do it too. They came up with a plan for how to take turns caring for him. They ordered a new, but simple house to be built for him.

While caring for Nok, our staff saw tears in his eyes. After four lonely years somebody actually cared enough to show him that he was still a person with great worth, and that he was loved.

May this wonderful example of love showed in a very practical way be a challenge for all of us today. Please share this story. It is worth sharing.




  • stevegumaer says:

    What a cool team!

  • Pateena Smerdon says:

    What a wonderful story, May God Bless this team.

  • Kimberly Paradee Quinley says:

    WOW! tears are welling up in my eyes. What a wonderful story of love.

  • My Tropical Home says:

    We have so many similar sad stories here. I only wish I was as brave as you to do what you and your team did for Nok.

    May God continue to use you touch the lives of others.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Best regards,

  • Anne Grete says:

    Jeg tror ingen kan lese dette uten å selv tenke seg om. ‘Hva ville Jesus gjort……. i den hverdagen jeg befinner meg, i de relasjonene jeg er i, i den familien jeg er i, jobben min….den gamle naboen, den lille gutten som jeg vet blir slått, jenta som er så ensom…’ Disse jeg ikke tør hjelpe, men som Jesus aldri ville gått forbi…

    Tankefull og takknemlig hilsen. Du har en fin og viktig blogg, jeg leser- men har aldri fortalt deg det. Takk:)

    Og jeg skjønte tvert at jeg aldri vil glemme blikket til denne gamle mannen.

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Anne Grete. Tusen takk for koselig oppmuntring. Jeg har vært innom din blogg også, og nå mer ofte! Ja, det er en utfordring å være som Jesus i hverdagen. Det synes jeg også.

  • Shannon L Taylor says:

    It is a story worth sharing! I just shared it with my Knowing God by Name Ladies Bible study group. This is a testament to the compassion of El Ro-I “God sees me” as God clearly saw Nok and sent his children to care for “the least of these”. Do you know if Nok is a Believer? or any of the people in the village?

  • quinleychronicles says:

    What amazing hearts… like Jesus.

  • Ann says:

    A lovely story there are kind people in this world

  • Sai Hla says:

    I really appreciate with what you are doing for our Shan