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Understanding poverty and dealing with losses

Tsam Hurng and his mummy

I have been working on translating my speech from May 17th, our Constitution day. But things take time.

I have been rejoicing in news from Burma, hearing of more openness and less violence.

I have also been concerned that the world seem to think that just because a government makes some changes, all is well in a country. This is not so!

Today I got an email with a link to the blog of one of our volunteers, Kara. She has been living and working with some of our projects in Shan State for some months. I would like you to read her blog to get a better understanding of the issues that are facing Burma, and the challenges our staff is faced with daily.

Kara’s blog.

After reading Kara’s blog, feel free to get angry and ask yourself what you can do.

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  • Kachin Aus says:

    After reading the Kara’s blog, this kind of tragedies are very common in Kachin areas especially now, over 50,000 IDPs are living in makeshift improvised camps along Kachin-China border where NGO and foreign aid are denied access. Typhoid, influenza, waterborne diseases and other treatable diseases are common causes of death among children. Hundreds are died because of bomb blast, land mines, mortar shelling and random shooting from Burma Army, unborn babies are died because mothers are being raped and bludgeoned to death by the act of drugged Burmese soldiers.