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A Yo-yo or a spas?

We have all heard of yo-yo diets. The diets that get people to diet so hard for a short while that they can’t handle it any more and then they end up gaining all the weight they just lost. Well, me, I am a yo-yo blogger. First I write a ton, and then I get busy and nobody hears from me for days, even weeks. Perhaps my commitment isn’t strong enough.

But there is so much to do. So many other things than writing blogs about what I am doing. For example did we have a party almost as big as a wedding for Naomi, who got confirmed at the church two weeks ago. The confirmation symbolizes that one wants to follow Jesus still, and, for many, it is a rite of passage—from childhood to adulthood. We had a fancy party to celebrate the life of our little/big Nom-Nom. I am certain she is not an adult yet, but it was a special time of remembering some of the fun times we have had with her over the years. Did I mention it was a sit-down dinner and 45 guests?

Who has time to write blogs while getting ready for such an event?

And I went to Geneva the following day, with Steve. There we registered the new Human Rights organization we will be involved in, Fortify. An important and significant event. Too important to spend time writing blogs.

This is me walking with my good friend Matt, looking all important in Geneva. White legs.

On the way home we had such a long layover in Denmark that we decided to take the train to Copenhagen. Do you know what a Smooshi is? Not? Well, you will have to go to Copenhagen to find out. But it was really tasty. And, no, it is not a smoothie made from sushi.

Smooshi is yumsie.

And then, like pearls on a string, the events have lined up: Soccer games, handball games, visitors from near and far, another family party, enough laundry to fill a big room, a sick dog (you don’t want the details), lots of weeds and a house that needs to be painted.

Who has time to write a blog? Not me. So here I end it, and hopefully you will hear from me again in a few days.



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