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Human rights and the color of your eyes.

Today I took a look at Kristin’s comments about human rights and ethics. She said some things that were plain cute. Not everything was right, but it gave me some insights.

Kristin and dad

“Ethics is when you treat the dark people worse than the light ones (I think she got the words mixed up here and explained discrimination instead.)

We need to think that all people are of equal worth and we need to think before we act.

Socrates, he is helping a little in the UN.

Human Rights means that all should get what they want.

An example is that if one is popular and one is not, they are still of equal value.

The Declaration of Human Rights is: They meet every year and talk about new rules they can put in the book.

To discriminate means that for example somebody has blue eyes and somebody has brown. And then the ones with blue eyes are not allowed to come to Norway.”

So these are Kristin’s thoughts. Certainly they are very simplified, but I thought about this: If one is popular and the other is not should not determine their value. In Burma this is still not true. It still seems like the ethnic minorities are the unpopular ones, and the ones who are not considered of equal value. This is wrong in the mind of a ten-year old, and it is wrong in my mind.

Says I. I have brown eyes and hopefully I can therefore live peacefully in Norway.