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Showing love with a paint brush

Some days ago a friend came by and asked if we are home Monday. ‘We are,’ said Steve. ‘I will come and help you paint your house then,’ said our friend. ‘And I will bring a lift so we can get all the high places too. I will be there are ten and work with you all day.’

And so he did. At ten o’clock he was at our house, and he painted all day. All I gave him was a small lunch and some coffee. 

Some days I get so bummed about all the selfishness I see around the world, I get so upset by all the egoistic jerks. I think that people only think of themselves and not of anybody else. I think the world is going to end up as one huge selfishness-planet. 

But then a guy comes over who could have spent his day off doing stuff for himself. And instead he spends it helping somebody who is taking way too much time painting their house and who actually could need some help. What a blessing it is to have friends. What a blessing it is to know people who are so much less selfish than I am. What a blessing that there are people like our friend in the world.

Our house is looking really nice now.


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