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Rebuilding a blogger

Not really sure what went wrong there. It was like…I stopped blogging.

I had my reasons. My daughters and I got the worst possible flight to go to the US, and we travelled for three whole days and saw more airports and breathed more bad airplane air than all of you perhaps have in a lifetime. At one point where we were starting to get violent. That was in Chicago when the flight attendant informed us that she didn’t know when the pilot was going to show up because, actually, he was at that moment at a different airport. 

This family has seen more airports than the average family. This is in Australia many years ago, but it was no more fun then.

During those days I did not feel like writing a blog.

Then we zigzagged around America, spreading the good news about Partners, and when not doing that we did stuff like hiking, canoeing, shopping and drinking beer from local breweries.

No blogging opportunities at the Boundary Waters. We were just busy following the tracks of the Indians and the beavers.

Somehow, every time I wanted to write a blog, we were either on a lake, or at our campsite without my computer, and with no internet. Or my computer was out of battery and one of the girls had all the chargers. (No matter how many chargers we have, there is never one for me, and the girls always manage to get one. Of course, they have first priority, considering how much catching up they have to do on Facebook.)

At the few moments when I was at a place with my computer, with Internet and with a charger, I just did not feel like writing. I just thought that if I had to write anything right then I would start to feel sick. So rather than getting sick from blogging, I simply kept reading my book or I did another workout. Some times I even checked Facebook instead. But that was VERY rare.

On nights like this, I wrote blogs to God in my heart.

All this is to say that I am sorry that so many of you, faithful followers, have not heard from me for a very long time. I feel like I have let you down. But I am also glad to report that I am back to stay. Just look at this spot from time to time, and you will find that I have been here. 

For now, this is all I have to say.


  • Mike says:

    Don’t feel like you have let anyone down – the blogs most worth reading are written by people who life a full life in the real world – so by definition they will have times when it is difficult to publish anything. I don’t envy the airline stress but am glad you had some good times.

  • stevegumaer says:

    Following the tracks of Indians and Beavers with you is the very best thing I know.